NYCFC news roundup: Stadium renderings, Matt Freese, and a raccoon

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NYCFC / John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, it is difficult to keep up with the news about New York City FC. The team has also been performing well on the pitch, winning five of their last six games. This includes their recent road wins against Toronto FC and the Philadelphia Union.

Let's get right into it. Here is the latest NYCFC news roundup.

NYCFC news roundup: Matt Freese and more

The latest stadium renderings are awesome

On Tuesday, NYCFC released new stadium renderings. This time, the focus was on the supporters' area of the stadium. The video and images looked at the supporters' section in the stadium, the area right outside, and the Supporters' Porch. The Porch will be an outdoor bar and gathering place.

The renderings and information also confirmed information about the supporters' section in the stadium. More information can be seen from the X post below.

This is just another reason why 2027 cannot get here fast enough. The future home will have so many incredible aspects and places within the stadium.

Matt Freese made another Team of the Matchday

After this past weekend's game against Toronto, Matt Freese made another Team of the Matchday. It is not shocking after he had nine saves during NYCFC's 3-2 win.

The goalkeeper was a major reason why the Pigeons left with all three points. The Reds kept attacking, but he made sure his team stayed in the game. The three goals helped, but they would not have been enough without Freese.

The raccoon

If one was not watching Major League Soccer on Wednesday and lives under a rock, then they might not know about the raccoon that took center stage in the Philadelphia game.

The raccoon took the pitch about 20 minutes into the game. It caused a delay as it ran all over, getting pretty close to the people around him. It then took some time for the animal to be captured via the use of garbage cans. It was outrunning the people chasing it and was arguably the best part of the game.

That is why social media lit up about the raccoon. NYCFC's X account certainly had some fun with the event.

Multiple fans, journalists, networks, and more posted about the raccoon, with some making jokes and talking about it. It was definitely one for the history books, especially NYCFC. Fans have seen cats interrupt games throughout all of the sports that play outside. Alas, the raccoon was a rare animal to end up pitchside. This will be a memory that nobody will forget.