NYCFC must use trades and free agency to help rebuild

-NYCFC and the rest of MLS can begin adding to their rosters in December

-The Pigeons should use trades and free agents to help rebuild

Birk Risa of NYCFC
Birk Risa of NYCFC / Jose L. Argueta/ISI Photos/GettyImages

It is finally December, and New York City FC will soon be able to make moves on paper for the 2024 season. The MLS Cup Conference Finals are this weekend, and the MLS Cup Finals will be next Saturday. In other words, the end of the season is almost here.

Hence, NYCFC should become a little busier when it comes to roster construction. Of course, the team cannot sign most players throughout the world until the January window opens. Meanwhile, they will soon be able to make trades and sign free agents within the league. Per MLS, the trade window will open on December 11, and free agency will begin on December 13.

NYCFC needs to start rebuilding in December

Should NYCFC begin right away with roster building in December? Supporters already know some players who will not be with the club after the end-of-the-year roster decisions. It is assumed a few more faces will leave before the first game is played in 2024. More importantly, the team will be adding players.

When the trade window opens, the Pigeons should start making moves as soon as possible. The trades do not need to involve players either. Transactions of international roster spots and TAM can be on the table as well. Of course, if there is a player on the team who is willing to move elsewhere, and will unlikely earn minutes, then that trade should take place.

Meanwhile, NYCFC should try and sign the best players and will likely use the transfer window for such moves. In many leagues, January is their secondary window, so the team will hopefully make roster moves this month.

With MLS free agency opening in under two weeks, the Bronx side would be smart to see who is available. There might be a veteran or two who can add depth to the squad and experience, which are two items NYCFC desperately needs.

It needs to be said that the club would need to sign a free agent who proved they could play last season. If they are a depth player who does well as a substitute, then there is no issue with that. Ideally, a free agent signed can either play in the Starting XI or easily step into the lineup when needed.

Utilizing trades and free agency is not the end-all in roster building. New York City FC should begin the process this month. New York City FC needs to do everything they can do to ensure they can compete in 2024.