NYCFC: A look back at the 2023 predictions

-Before the 2023 season, the predictions for NYCFC were released

-How did the predictions hold up?

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Prediction 1: Maxime Chanot will solidify his New York City FC legend status

After the departure of many NYCFC stars, it was thought that 2023 could be the year of Maxime Chanot.  It did start that way, for the legend led his teammates during the tumultuous and challenging season.  He was the veteran leader and pretty much took over the captaincy.  He helped the younger players during training and fixtures. 

More importantly, Chanot was still playing at a high level.  He started the majority of matches he was available for.  In fact, he probably saved a few games from getting out of hand.  There is no question he was vital to the backline. 

The last prediction was that Chanot would solidify his legend status.  Based on the above, in some ways, he did just that.  Yet, he shockingly departed the club after years of service.  The unexpected move caused rumors that many thought it was due to Cushing.  At the same time, a source revealed he wanted to go and did not want to stay for the rebuild.  The source could be covering for the club too, and the truth may lie in the rumors that ran amuck. 

As a result, Chanot could not use the entirety of the season to solidify his legend status.  Although, most supporters would argue he is a NYCFC legend.  His loyalty and love for the club continues even as he plays for his new team in France.  When the season ended, he posted his support on Instagram for the Bronx side and how they will come back stronger next year. 

Moreover, his departure does not make his contributions to NYCFC disappear overnight.  He was still a leader of the team and helped the Pigeons earn their first MLS Cup win in 2021.  Arguably, the way he left suddenly and the love that followed from the fans illuminated and solidified his legend status. 

Chanot should have remained with New York City FC until he retires.  While the whole story is unknown, hopefully, there will come a day when the missing chapters about why he left are written.