NYCFC: A look back at the 2023 predictions

-Before the 2023 season, the predictions for NYCFC were released

-How did the predictions hold up?

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Prediction 2: New York City FC will sign a striker

Everyone knows how 2023 went regarding the striker position.  Cushing and the Front Office were convinced that Magno could play up front and center.  They were proven wrong, but unfortunately, the damage was done.  Their willingness to be patient caused the team to be without a starting striker for most of the year.

Still, it was predicted that NYCFC would sign a striker in the summer.  Gabriel Segal’s signing was clearly a depth move.  It was thought he would not get plenty of playing time, and that was the correct assumption. 

Plus, it was proven correct that the Pigeons made a summer signing at the center-forward position.  Mounsef Bakrar was signed with promise and potential.  The Algerian player scored four times in all competitions, which was not bad for a new player to NYCFC and MLS. 

However, some thought he did not meet expectations.  In some ways, this is true, for there were so many missed chances that another striker would have capitalized on.  At the same time, he was adjusting to his new club and continues to do so.  It is believed the best of Bakrar is yet to come. 

Nonetheless, many thought NYCFC should have signed another striker.  Hopefully, they will do so for the 2024 season.  Someone needs to compete with Bakrar, and it should not be Magno by any means.