NYCFC is like watching the solar eclipse in New York City

  • On Monday, most of the United States will experience the solar eclipse
  • The New York City area will only experience about 90% of coverage
  • NYCFC is like the solar eclipse in the tristate area
NYCFC / Mark Smith-USA TODAY Sports

New York City FC has not started the year well. The team is 1-4-2 after seven matches, making this the worst start in the club's history. It does not help the Pigeons had a terrible year last year, missing the playoffs for the first time since 2015.

Meanwhile, it has not been terrible on the pitch the entire time. There have been games where NYCFC performed well. The issue has been the inability to score, which was seen in the draw against Atlanta United FC. Then, there are times when they cannot hold on and play at a high level throughout the entire 90 minutes. The loss to the Portland Timbers is the best example, where the Bronx side was superb in the first half, and then faltered in the second.

Even last season, it felt like the Pigeons were close to being a team that can compete. The inability to score was the main ingredient that was missing.

NYCFC is like the solar eclipse in New York City

In some ways, and please stay along for the explanation, NYCFC is like the solar eclipse in the New York City area. When the city and nearby regions look up to the sky, they will not see the eclipse at totality. Rather, the maximum coverage will be about 90%, give or take. People in this area will not experience the total effect of a solar eclipse when the sun is 100% covered but will see a decent show in the sky. However, it is still not the same.

Like the eclipse in New York City, NYCFC can put on a decent show on the pitch. They can do well, but fans will not get everything they should get from the team. The Pigeons can be at 90% with their performance, but the goals are the missing 10% which should lead them to 100% totality. In the case of the beautiful game, the totality of a solar eclipse is equal to wins.

Without goals, NYCFC can only do so much. Their defense can be rock solid, like it was against Atlanta, but one moment of brilliant football can tie the game. They can also maintain a higher possession percentage and look like the better side overall. The players need to score though.

It might be crazy to compare a soccer team to the solar eclipse, but it makes sense when one compares it to what people will see from the eclipse in the New York City area. It is great, but the full effect will not be there. NYCFC can do well on the pitch but has only won once due to the goal-scoring woes. Hence, fans are not getting 100% from the team.