NYCFC vs Inter Miami CF preview: An unexpected friendly to honor Messi

-The 2023 season was supposed to be over for NYCFC

-Instead, the team will play Inter Miami in a friendly

NYCFC / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

In complete honesty, everyone thought New York City FC was done for the year.  The 2023 season could be left in the past, and the focus on 2024 could begin.

However, there is one more match left to play.  The Pigeons will travel to Florida to take part in the Noche d’Or, a night honoring Lionel Messi and his eighth Ballon d’Or.  They will play the friendly against the team they recently drew against just less than six weeks ago.

This time around, NYCFC should expect Messi to play.  The Argentine was not available the last time around.  As such, expectations should be low.  Moreover, this would be a good match for Nick Cushing to test some of the younger players, especially those who predominantly play for NYCFC II.  The first team was already in offseason mode before the announcement was made, so it would be a smart move by the head coach.

Let’s not waste any time.  Here is a preview of the upcoming friendly between NYCFC and Inter Miami.

When is the match between New York City FC and Inter Miami CF?

The match will take place on Friday, November 10 at 8:00 PM.                                                         

Where is the NYCFC game?

The game will take place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at DRV PNK Stadium.

Where can fans watch the NYCFC game?

Fans can catch NYCFC on Apple TV via the MLS Season Pass. 

What can New York City FC expect from Inter Miami?

In all honesty, New York City FC does know what to expect.  This time, Messi should play.  As such, it will make the match more difficult.  At the same time, perhaps Miami will also use more of their youth players since this is a friendly. 

Additionally, since it is a friendly before the offseason, the Herons and NYCFC might take it easy during the game.  That would be the smart move since neither team would want a starter to get a serious injury and miss a good portion of the 2024 season.

Which NYCFC player should supporters watch?

In this match, NYCFC supporters should watch the younger players.  Of course, Nick Cushing would have to go that route with his squad.  Whether he will do so is yet to be seen.  Again, since some of the first team was already in offseason mode, it might be the right move to not play the normal starters.

Some players Cushing should give minutes to include but are not limited to Jonathan Shore, Christian McFarlane, and maybe a few NYCFC II players who are not signed to the first team.  Plus, Gabriel Segal thankfully has returned home after the suspension of the Israeli Premier League, so he would be a good option to start. 

What is the prediction for New York City FC?

It is extremely difficult to predict a friendly, and the same goes for New York City FC’s friendly against Miami.  Hence, this time around, there will be no prediction made.  Rather than focusing on the result, the focus should be looking toward 2024 and ensuring everyone leaves the pitch healthy.