Does NYCFC have any shot left at the MLS Cup Playoffs?

-As Major League Soccer enters its "hiatus" period with the impending Leagues Cup tournament for the upcoming month, does NYCFC have any shot left at the MLS Cup Playoffs? 

-There are only ten matches left in the regular season, and crunch time is now upon us

-It will take an enormous reversal of their seasonal woes to keep their playoff hopes alive

Keaton Parks of NYCFC
Keaton Parks of NYCFC / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

New York City FC currently sits in 13th place near the bottom of the MLS Eastern Conference with 26 total points. In order for them to have any hope of making the MLS Cup playoffs this fall, they need to take full advantage of the remaining 30 points available from the last ten matches. No losing streaks are allowed; no multiple-match draw streaks will help the Pigeons in their desperate scramble for whatever table points they can scrounge up at this point in the season.

The good news is that NYCFC has seven of their last ten matches at home, and with a better home record, they stand some chance of making a minor miracle occur before the end of the season. To put it more succinctly, the late Raiders owner Al Davis stated it clearly: "Just win baby."

NYCFC has a tough road to make the playoffs

Honestly, the statistical odds do not necessarily favor NYCFC, as has NYCFC on a 20% trajectory to make it to the postseason. While the odds certainly are not impossible, the Queens team must move up four spots in the Eastern Conference. As such, they need to get red hot in these last matches and hope that other teams start faltering down the stretch.

To put it in more wins-losses terms, NYCFC realistically needs to finish out the season with a 6-1-3 record. This gives them 21 more points and no playoff guarantee. A more realistic 5-2-3 record in the last ten matches means some playoff hopes. However, the team will need a lot of help from other Eastern Conference cellar dwellers and top-of-stellar play in the home stretch.

With the recent secondary transfer window opening up, NYCFC has jumped on the transfer bandwagon and hauled in striker Mounsef Bakrar and center-back Birk Risa to help shore up a depleted roster. The Pigeons have desperately been seeking a true striker to finish off attacks inside the box this season and maybe, just maybe, Bakrar can be that key missing piece of the roster puzzle.

New York City FC must be ready for the long haul after the Leagues Cup and simply finish out the season strongly. They must do whatever it takes to make the playoffs. The alternative is simply failure, which is not making the playoffs for the first time since the inaugural season.