NYCFC: 3 things we learned from the 5-0 win against Toronto FC

-NYCFC played Toronto FC in their second match of the Leagues Cup

-The Pigeons won, but will have to wait and see the result of the Atlas and Toronto game

-Take a look at three things we learned from the fixture

Mounsef Bakrar of NYCFC
Mounsef Bakrar of NYCFC / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Mounsef Bakrar had a stellar first start for NYCFC

Despite arriving less than a week ago, Mounsef Bakrar was named to the NYCFC Starting XI.  Since he is still adjusting to his new team, the expectations for him were low.

Yet, the striker had other plans, and came out to play.  His first start was a stellar one, and he scored his first goal as well.  This came in the 45th minute, and he responded to a second chance opportunity after Santiago Rodríguez tried to put the ball away. 

Bakrar also showed he is not a stereotypical striker that waits for the passes to arrive to him before trying to shoot.  He is willing to wander the final third, especially if he has a chance to obtain possession of the ball and move it up the pitch.  His footwork and speed are a significant addition to the attacking third.  At one point, he sent a pass into the box too, looking for his teammates. 

When NYCFC did not have possession, the Algerian was not afraid to help in the defense.  He chased after Toronto players, but also joined the defensive effort by attempting to stop his opponent's run of play.

The first start for Bakrar was very impressive.  It needs to be said though that Toronto is struggling more compared to NYCFC this year, so everyone will have to wait and see how the striker performs against other teams.  For now, he can celebrate his stellar performance.