Nicolás Acevedo's future is still unknown after ACL tear

-Nicolás Acevedo suffered a knee injury while out on loan

-It was confirmed the NYCFC player has an ACL tear

Nicolás Acevedo of NYCFC
Nicolás Acevedo of NYCFC / James Williamson - AMA/GettyImages

The Major League Soccer season is officially over, and New York City FC can begin rebuilding for 2024. Heading into the new year, there are questions on what the future holds for Nicolás Acevedo. The midfielder spent 2023 on loan in Brazil with Esporte Clube Bahia, a City Football Group club. He had some success with the team that struggled near and in the relegation zone.

Thankfully, Bahia finished in 16th place and will stay in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A. A 4-1 win on the last day of the season confirmed that.

Acevedo's injury might confirm his future for 2024

Unfortunately, the NYCFC player suffered a knee injury and had to be substituted out around the 21st minute. The severity was unknown at the time.

However, Acevedo's injury was confirmed by Bahia. He tore his ACL on the final day of the season. It is a huge blow for the midfielder and to the two clubs. Again, his future was questionable. No one knew whether Bahia would try to acquire him permanently, especially if they stayed in the top division.

At the same time, some wondered whether NYCFC would attempt to keep him in the case Andrés Perea went back to the Philadelphia Union or if Keaton Parks would make the jump to Europe.

Nonetheless, Acevedo will be returning to New York to have his surgery. Likely, the ACL tear has guaranteed he will stay on the Pigeons' books for the 2024 season as he heals and recovers.

However, if Bahia truly believes he is part of the future, and they are willing to lose a year of Acevedo, then perhaps they will acquire him. From a business perspective, it would not be a great decision. Alas, teams have done that before all around the world.

It is devastating that Acevedo will likely miss most, if not all, of 2024. The New York City FC midfielder has grown so much over the last few years. Hopefully, his recovery will be smooth, fast, and easy.