Gotham FC vs KC Current live: Reactions and thoughts on 2024 NWSL Home Opener

  • Follow along with Skyscraper Blues as we cover Gotham FC's home opener against the KC Current
Gotham FC
Gotham FC / Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

NJ/NY Gotham FC fans can celebrate! Not only is today the NWSL Home Opener, but the club is also celebrating the 2023 NWSL Championship. The Bats will celebrate and likely unveil the banner before kickoff and host the ring ceremony after the match against the Kansas City Current. Last year's captain Ali Krieger is making her return, while Eli Manning is also in attendance.

The celebrations will be all well and good, but there is no question this might be the toughest game of the season. The KC Current is surprisingly doing extremely well. They have won all three of their matches and scored 11 goals. Nine different players have gotten on the scoresheet. In Gotham's case, Esther González is their loan goal-scorer from the 1-0 win over Portland Thorns FC.

Therefore, the pressure is at its highest today. The home team knows they need to score more goals. At the same time, three points are the only option. Anything less will cause others around the NWSL to call the roster overrated or not that great.

This fixture will be a must-watch. Will Gotham FC find a way to beat the Current? If you are unable to watch the game, then follow along here with Skyscraper Blues.

Following Gotham FC and the KC Current live

Before the game

  • There is plenty of excitement for this match.
  • Are there any other stars at the game? Manning did invite Patrick Mahomes...
  • Hopefully, fans arrived early and are already at Red Bull Arena.
  • Williams is back on the bench! Interestingly, Crystal Dunn is not starting.
  • Krieger is showing off the trophy!
  • It is cool to have Manning lighting the torch; maybe he can convince some Giants fans to cheer for Gotham FC.

The first half

1' The game is kicking off!
4' Gotham FC is playing too much in their own half already.
5' Gotham FC is given a free kick and decides to take it short. In the end, nothing happened....
8' Cassie Miller makes a huge save! Temwa Chawinga was on a 1 v 1 run with her, but the goalkeeper kept the score 0-0. As a reminder, she spent the last two years with KC.

11' It looks like there is a decent crowd there...
12' There has not been a real threat from Gotham thus far.
14' It really is impressive to see Tierna Davidson lead the team as a young and new player.
16' The midfield has been slightly sloppy with giveaways.
17' Gotham has a corner kick, in which Yazmeen Ryan sends the ball into the box, but nobody can make the proper contract.
17' Goal for the Current. Chawinga again went 1 v 1 with Miller, and this time put her team in front.

21' Since the goal, the Bats are looking shaky. They are also struggling in the offensive effort.
23' Of course Gotham has the best chance with a shot by Katie Stengel after a header pass from Esther González. Adrianna Franch would have made the save as the ball hit the bar and the second shot went just over the bar.
26' Davidson with a vital block!
30' Maybe.... just maybe... the Current is the real deal this year?

32' Gotham players are making some good interceptions.
35' KC is taking a free kick but thankfully cannot capitalize on it.
37' The service into the box is there, but the accuracy is lacking on many passes.

41' Ryan with the strike toward the right side of the goal near the post, but Franch is able to make the stop.
44' Stengel takes another shot on an angle but it goes just wide.
45' + 1' Davidson had a great pass into the box to make contact with Ryan, but the winger could not take a shot.

  • That is the end of the first half. KC leads Gotham FC 1-0.


  • Is Gotham FC turning into NYCFC where they cannot score? When comparing rosters, the Bats have the stronger one when one compares based on other teams in their league.
  • The team needs someone like González, Stengel, or Ryan to score.
  • Will Juan Carlos Amorós make any changes to start the second half?

The second half

46' Time for the second half! Let there be goals by Gotham FC! Also, Dunn and Jenna Nighswonger are on for the second half.
46' There is a slight change in how the Bats are at the top. Dunn, Stengel, and Ryan lead the attack while González is playing as the number ten.
48' Dunn's shot on an angle is saved!
48' Stengel's shot is being contested about whether it went over. On replay, it looks like a save.
50' It is confirmed it is not a goal. Good early chances though by the ladies.

52' Goal for Gotham FC!!! González scores with a header from a corner kick. The game is tied 1-1.
54' The Bats are doing much better with the pressuring in the second half.
55' Bringing on Dunn and Nighswonger has made a difference. Dunn should have started the game.
56' González has more room to run around the attack.
58' Stengel has a weak shot that goes wide.
59' Williams is coming on! Delanie Sheehan makes way for the forward.

62' MSG is talking to Manning right now.
64' Gotham FC keeps on earning corner kicks. This time, Ryan sent the ball to González, but the striker missed the goal.
69' There is no question the home team looks much better this half.

71' Nighswonger has a brilliant clearance that could have turned ugly.
73' Nighswonger has a shot blocked and Ryan's shot then goes over the bar.
75' Gotham has to protect the first KC free kick in some time. Thankfully, they were able to make the initial clearance, and then the ball went out of play for a goal kick.
77' Miller makes another save to force a corner.
78' The corner is taken, but nothing happens for KC.
80' Can Gotham FC find the winning goal?

82' The Bats appear to be slowing down... Maybe another change is due?
83' Davidson just had another clearance. She has had a stellar performance.
88' It has become a little sloppy again.
90' Miller with another save!

90' + 1' Six minutes of stoppage time.
90' + 2' González continues to be threatening regardless of where she plays.
90' + 4' Miller reads the ball well to come off her line and grab it to stop the KC attack.
90' + 6' Gotham FC has one final corner that is cleared out.

  • That is the match. Gotham and KC end in a 1-1 draw.
  • Thank you for following along.