Gotham FC players lift W Gold Cup trophy with the USWNT

  • The USWNT won the W Gold Cup against Brazil
  • Seven Gotham players lifted the trophy
USWNT, Gotham FC
USWNT, Gotham FC / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

On Sunday, the USWNT played against Brazil in the CONCACAF W Gold Cup. Three NJ/NY Gotham FC players started in the match: Tierna Davidson, Crystal Dunn, and Rose Lavelle. Midge Purce and Lynn Williams came on as substitutes in the second half.

The USWNT won the W Gold Cup

The US ended up beating Brazil 1-0 to win the W Gold Cup. It was not easy, for Brazil made things difficult for the players. But the defense worked hard, especially Dunn. The left-back for the national team was all over the left side of the pitch. She put in the work on the defensive and offensive end.

It was a struggle to score though. Thankfully, a goal in stoppage time during the first half by Lindsey Horan put the USWNT in front. The lone goal would be the game-winner and the W Gold Cup winner.

However, Williams almost scored the second goal in the 79th minute. The ball went into the back of the net, but it was immediately called off for being offside. It would have been a great moment for the Gotham player, but lifting the trophy was the most important item at hand.

In the end, seven Gotham FC players and the rest of the USWNT can call themselves W Gold Cup Champions, and the first ones as well. The USWNT lifted the trophy and celebrated the win with everyone involved with the national team.

Before the celebration, Nighswonger and Purce ran over to Ali Krieger, who was with the Paramount team, to say hello. This moment illuminated how important and loved Krieger was to Gotham FC. This was a nice little moment to recognize the NWSL Champion and former USWNT star.

There is no question this win will be a confidence booster for ladies as they look towards the Summer Olympics. There is still plenty of work to be done, but this is a step in the right direction.

This can also be a confidence booster for the Gotham FC players as they head back to prepare for the NWSL Challenge Cup. Congratulations to the Bats and everyone on the USWNT.