Gotham FC: 3 predictions for the 2024 NWSL season

  • The 2024 season for Gotham FC is almost here
  • The Bats will try to go back-to-back with the NWSL Championship
  • Here are three predictions for the upcoming campaign
Gotham FC
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NJ/NY Gotham FC is having a fantastic offseason after winning the NWSL Championship back in November.  The ladies had truly a Cinderella story season after finishing in last place in 2022.  Then, there was the concern on the last day of the season whether they would make the playoffs.  Thankfully, they managed to grab the last spot, and the rest is history.

Of course, the Bats are not pleased with one trophy.  They want to become one of the best in the NWSL.  As a result, the club brought in some big-name players like Rose Lavelle and Emily Sonnett. The way the team has been building in 2023 and this year is thrilling to watch.

It also makes fans wonder what the new campaign will be like.  That is why it is fun to try and predict certain aspects of the 2024 season.

So, without further ado, here are three predictions for Gotham FC in 2024.

3. Gotham FC will finish the year in first, second, or third

This season, the NWSL is expanding to 14 teams.  Therefore, there will be more competition within the league.  Despite the increase in teams, it is predicted that Gotham FC will finish anywhere from first to third place.  

To begin, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact position at the end of the season.  When one looks at the top three and top six from last year, it was a tight race, especially on the last day to get into the playoffs. Six points separated the top six.

Gotham barely finished in sixth place; that was how tight the race was.  This time, the team has improved immensely with the USWNT signings like Lavelle and Sonnett.  The talent and depth on the roster means the Bats, at least on paper, should win more matches.  They should also compete for first place. 

Meanwhile, the Women’s Cup Colombia proved to everyone that the team has plenty of talent.  Seven potential starters were not with the squad’s preseason games during the mini-tournament.  Yet, they came away with the trophy after the two games.  So, if the squad goes through a period where some starters are injured, then they should be okay.

Gotham FC is expected to finish towards the top of the table.  It will be a tight race.  Where the team ends up will depend on a match or two.