3 things we learned from NYCFC's 3-2 loss to the Columbus Crew

  • NYCFC and the Columbus Crew played one another on Friday
  • The Crew defeated the Pigeons, ending the winning streak
  • Here are three things we learned from the loss
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On Friday evening, New York City FC and the Columbus Crew faced off for the first time this season.  The two teams were coming off the international break, so there was time between the last matches played. In the previous games, the Crew lost in the CONCACAF Champions Cup final and the Pigeons beat the San Jose Earthquakes.

As such, everyone knew the Ohio team would be clawing at the chance to get a win, making them a difficult opponent.  They also have the offensive talent with players like Diego Rossi and Cucho Hernández.  The NYCFC defense had to be at their best to stop the Crew.

However, the Bronx side was without Thiago Martins and Kevin O’Toole.  Then, Mitja Ilenič was sent off after he received a red card in the 39th minute, subsequently putting the team down a man.  This allowed the Columbus Crew to strike, and NYCFC fell 3-2 despite their fight at the end of the game.  Agustín Ojeda and Santiago Rodríguez scored for the Boys in Blue, but the third goal did not arrive.

The loss was tough.  NYCFC did not have the best performance, but without the red card and other aspects of the match, the team could have earned at least a point.  Alas, they did not, so here are three things we learned from the loss.

3. The red card hurt NYCFC, but it was the right call

As mentioned, Ilenič received a red card in the 39th minute.  The right-back was struggling all night, and he clearly fouled Columbus’ Christian Ramírez on a goal-scoring opportunity, for nobody was in front of him.  The NYCFC player did not make any contact on the ball.

Therefore, that was the right call by the referee, Alexis Da Silva.  He did not have a great game though, for he called many light fouls or calls that should not have been made.  The red card was correct though.  That fault lies entirely on Ilenič.