3 Manchester City FC players that would eventually be great NYCFC signings

  • NYCFC does not always receive the full benefits of being a part of City Football Group
  • The club rarely receives any players from Manchester City FC, either on loan or as a signing
  • Here are three players NYCFC should one say sign
Erling Haaland of Manchester City FC
Erling Haaland of Manchester City FC / Marc Atkins/GettyImages

New York City FC has been there and done that when it comes to signing aging European stars. That is not to say they will never do that again. In fact, some believe they should bring over a star who can still play at a high level to better the squad and slightly boost attendance. Truthfully, the club may wait until they are close to opening or opening their new stadium.

Meanwhile, NYCFC is part of City Football Group. The organization has multiple teams, but the most well-known and established is Manchester City FC. Many thought the Pigeons would reap the benefits from the Premier League side, but that has not really happened. Sure, they received two players on loan in the inaugural season, but only half of it.

Since then, no Manchester players have come to NYCFC on loan, and that will likely continue. That does not mean a current City player will one day make the jump to Major League Soccer. Perhaps they will sign with the Queens’ team. Currently, there is plenty of talent that could come to the United States, either in the near future or down the road.

Hence, NYCFC should try to bring over a few Manchester players when the time is right. For the purpose of this piece, the current squad as of July 8 will be utilized. But who should the Pigeons attempt to sign within the next year or even a decade from now? Let’s look at the top three players who would be good for the team.

3 Manchester City players NYCFC should eventually sign

1. Erling Haaland

When discussing Erling Haaland, please note the player has another 10 or 15 years in Europe. That does not mean NYCFC cannot think about the future by having the superb goal-scorer. His scoring ability means many from all over would probably love to sign the player. In all competitions, he has 90 goals for Manchester City. Sure, it is quite possible that 10 years from now he will not be the same player. That does not mean he will not be great for MLS.

With a new stadium set to open in 2027, Haaland could be that star that comes over in the 2030s. Of course, NYCFC must already be a consistently successful team. Moreover, they would have to persuade the player that the project at the time is worthy.

Needless to say, if salary rules do not change in MLS, then it is highly likely a contract structured like Lionel Messi’s would be needed. City Football Group could easily help, but if fans are still discussing the restrictions a decade from now, then that would be extremely problematic.

2. Kevin De Bruyne

One Manchester City player who could move in the next year or so is Kevin De Bruyne. The star midfielder’s time with the Blues is coming to a close, so it would not be shocking for him to make the move next summer or even now. At the same time, rumors have thrown around the idea that he would join San Diego if he were to come stateside. Additionally, there are rumors he will head to Saudi Arabia, because of the money.

With his talent, the high likelihood of Maxi Moralez retiring, and the possibility of Santiago Rodríguez making his way overseas in the next year or two, making a move for the Belgian would be incredibly smart of NYCFC. He is already familiar with how City Football Group teams play and can adjust to the Pigeons’ style feasibly.

His production with Manchester is why he is one of the top Premier League players. Since he joined in 2015, he has 170 assists and 102 goals. Who can forget what he did in the 2019-20 season when he had 20 assists in the Premier League? That was an incredible season. De Bruyne is also known for his free kicks, where he has scored quite a few golazos over the years. He might be getting older, but there is no question he would be the best player on NYCFC if he were to sign in the next year or two.

Notably, he could always grab that Saudi money and come to NYCFC afterward. Some players tend to find out that the grass is not always greener there, despite their earnings.

3. Bernardo Silva

Bernardo Silva's current contract runs until 2026. He is expected to stay in Europe for at least a few more years, regardless of whether it is with Manchester City. It is unlikely though that he will leave the Sky Blues before this season. The versatile player is someone who can play as a right-winger, attacking midfielder, and central midfielder. His versatility is why he would be a great signing for NYCFC in a few years.

He does not have as many goals and assists as De Bruyne, but Silva would enhance the Pigeon's attack. It is easy to see him get double-digit goals in MLS, especially if he were to play in the final third. His ability to control the ball in small spaces and move it up the pitch is one of the best in the Premier League. The midfielder's work in 1 v 1 situations would also make him a great asset for NYCFC. Perhaps he can be one of those big signings in 2027.