Former NYCFC player Jack Harrison will remain in the Premier League with Everton

-Jack Harrison recently signed a new contract with Leeds United

-Due to the club's relegation, the former NYCFC player was loaned out to Everton F.C.

-Drama surrounded the move

Former NYCFC player, Jack Harrison
Former NYCFC player, Jack Harrison / Nigel French/Allstar/GettyImages

Back in April, former New York City FC player, Jack Harrison, signed a new contract with Leeds United. The new deal was signed even with a possible relegation for the club. It would have kept him with the team until 2028.

As everyone knows, Leeds was relegated. This resulted in many players leaving the club via a permanent move or loan deal. Harrison was no different. On Monday, it was announced the former NYCFC boy wonder was loaned out to Everton F.C. for the entirety of the 2023-2024 season. There is also an option to buy.

The winger protected himself with the new contract by adding a clause that would allow a loan move in the case of relegation. After five years with Leeds, Harrison is moving to the Liverpool team despite some drama.

Jack Harrison's move to Everton was surrounded by drama

In some ways, it is sad that Harrison is leaving Leeds after his success with the club. Notably, nothing is permanent yet. The relegation of Leeds was somewhat surprising based on the players that were fielded in every game. But after finishing in 17th place the year prior, it is also understandable. Moreover, whenever a club is relegated, players leave by the masses.

The lure to remain in the Premier League is a powerful one too. Harrison has the talent to compete with the best of the best. In fact, Aston Villa F.C. was interested in the services of the Englishman as well, which led to some drama with the loan move.

Aston Villa initially tried to hijack the loan move. It appeared Harrison would make the move to Birmingham instead. He already had a medical with Everton and was willing to have a medical with Villa. However, injury concerns led the other club to back out of their chase for the former NYCFC player. The forward will miss the beginning of the season due to a hip injury.

Therefore, Harrison is heading to Everton instead. It would have been interesting to see whether the story would be different without the injury. Alas, one cannot wonder what if.

From the NYCFC perspective, the fact two Premier League clubs wanted the services of Harrison illuminates he is a talented player and can play at the top level. It is another reminder that Major League Soccer is a possible pathway to Europe for younger players. Harrison did it, so why not others?

Leeds might be in the Championship, but Harrison will remain in the Premier League with Everton. New York City FC and the fans can be proud of their former player and his career thus far.