The 2023 NYCFC holiday wish list

-NYCFC is a couple of months away from the 2024 season

-Here is the holiday wish list for the Pigeons

James Sands of NYCFC
James Sands of NYCFC / Andrew Katsampes/ISI Photos/GettyImages

The New York City FC offseason has officially begun. The 2024 season will be here in a few short months, and the club has quite a bit of work to do. They cannot miss the playoffs again, so the team must turn into one that can compete.

One of the biggest issues is the roster. Over the summer, NYCFC did sign a few players that will clearly be a major part of the upcoming year. Alas, more moves are needed. Moreover, Nick Cushing will remain the head coach, so he must prove to the fan base he is the man for the job. Truthfully, the club should have brought in someone else, but they believe in him.

Meanwhile, it is the holiday season. This time of year often leads to people wishing for what they want for their future. As such, some holiday wishes will hopefully come true for the Pigeons.

Here are some holiday wishes for NYCFC.

The NYCFC holiday wishes

1. The first wish is for NYCFC to sign another striker. The Bronx side brought in Mounsef Bakrar, and it is entirely possible he can become a star in Major League Soccer. They still need another striker, especially if Gabriel Segal goes out on loan. The other striker should be one that can compete with Bakrar.

2. The second wish is for David Lee to keep a tight leash on Cushing. In other words, if NYCFC starts the season off poorly, then he and the Front Office must fire the head coach. The club might try to blame most of the 2023 season on the not-so-great roster, but that was not the entire story. Cushing struggled to make tactical changes when they were down. Plus, many would argue the roster was strong enough to finish a little higher than eleventh place.

3. Another wish is for a named captain. Maxime Chanot and James Sands shared the armband at the beginning of the year before Chanot took over. Then, the center-back left, and Thiago Martins became the captain. Cushing refused to name anyone, and that could have hurt the leadership within the team. Therefore, someone should be named as the captain for the 2024 season.

4. The easiest wish to make is for NYCFC to make the playoffs.

5. Another simple wish to make is for a better season. The Pigeons do not need to be first in the Eastern Conference. However, it would be nice if they could finish in the top four. The players should not worry at the end of the year about whether they will make the postseason.

6. The sixth holiday wish is for Talles Magno to stay throughout the 2024 season and finally become the star he can be. The club sadly hurt his development by playing him out of position. The hope is that the winger can remain a winger all year and turn into one of the best in MLS.

7. The final wish, which will not happen, is for Chanot to return home. The New York City FC legend's departure was shocking and full of speculation. He is doing well in France and should be able to remain in Europe as long as he is getting game time. Yet, if there is a chance for him to return, then the Pigeons should make it happen.