Where in the world was Maxime Chanot?

-NYCFC played FC Cincinnati on Saturday

-The Pigeons lost 3-0 after a not-so-great match

-Maxime Chanot was nowhere to be found and no answer was given

Maxime Chanot of NYCFC
Maxime Chanot of NYCFC / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, New York City FC played FC Cincinnati in another Eastern Conference match. The Pigeons lost to the Orange and Blue, which put the playoffs even farther out of reach. The 3-0 loss was filled with mistakes and questionable coaching decisions.

There were also some players missing. James Sands and Santiago Rodríguez were both out due to injuries. However, when the team lineup was put out, Maxime Chanot was not in the Starting XI or on the bench. The center-back was not on the injury report. Additionally, he was not listed as questionable for the match.

So, where in the world was Chanot? At first, it was assumed he might have received an injury before the game. Usually, there would be an announcement when such events occur. Yet, silence remained on the part of NYCFC.

Maxime Chanot was missing on Saturday and no explanation was given

As the NYCFC fixture progressed, it appeared the answer would have to wait until the postgame press conference with Nick Cushing. Surely, there had to be a legitimate reason for the veteran's absence.

So, when there was an opportunity to ask about the missing Chanot, the media asked the head coach why he was not there. Multiple reporters on X, formerly known as Twitter, stated he was vague and did not give concrete answers. He refused to answer whether there was an injury and mentioned that players had to stay home.

Of course, there was speculation. Some wondered whether the legend would retire or leave the club, despite the fact he is still playing at a high level. Moreover, there have been no reports about him moving away from NYCFC.

Others wondered whether Cushing made the coaching decision because of disagreements between the two. There were also questions on whether it was a tactical decision. If either were the case, then Cushing would have to be out of his mind to leave Chanot out of the game-day roster.

Hopefully, it was not for anything bad, like a family matter. Although, one would think Cushing would mention whether there was a family emergency. The way he refused to answer the media was rather suspicious. It is also not a good look for the coach. Many already want him gone. Plus, those who were willing to give him a chance with a stronger roster are starting to give up on him as well.

Regardless of the why, supporters deserve an answer. Chanot should have been in the Starting XI on Saturday. New York City FC needs him as the season winds down. Again, where was he, and why was he not available?