Tierna Davidson shines for the USWNT with a brace in the 4-0 win

  • Four Gotham FC players made appearances for the USWNT in Saturday's friendly
  • Tierna Davidson shined in the game after her brace
Tierna Davidson of USWNT and Gotham FC
Tierna Davidson of USWNT and Gotham FC / C. Morgan Engel/GettyImages

On Saturday afternoon, the USWNT played in a friendly against South Korea where four of the five available NJ/NY Gotham FC players played. Tierna Davidson and Jenna Nighswonger started the game, while Crystal Dunn and Rose Lavelle came on as substitutes. Lavelle, who is still building up her minutes, thankfully played the limited time.

The USWNT came out on top 4-0, with some of the Gotham FC players contributing to the score. It was Davidson though who was one of the stars of the show.

The center-back, who had only scored once for the national team prior to the game, scored a brace for the team. While she is not a forward like Mallory Swanson, who scored the other brace, she sure acted like one.

Tierna Davidson shines with the USWNT

Davidson's first goal came in the 38th minute. The USWNT had a corner kick, in which Catarina Macario sent the ball into the box. It fell right to the Gotham defender, who utilized her head to curl the ball into the goal. It was one of those that had to be seen. The goalkeeper could not do anything to save the header.

The way it fell into the bottom right corner was not a common way to score. However, Davidson directed the ball with a perfect angle to send it over the players in the way and to fall right near the top of the post. There were some good goals in this game, but this one was the best.

Then, the Gotham player's second goal came in the 48th minute. The USWNT had another corner kick that was taken by Swanson. She swept the ball toward the goal, and Davidson made contact with her head again. This time, she sent the ball to the ground, where it bounced into the back of the net. The 25-year-old, who only had one goal to her name for the national team, added two more in one match.

Fans could tell the goals meant so much to the defender. She had a long road back after her ACL injury in 2022, and it took a little longer to get back in gear with the national team.

Davidson was not the only player to contribute to the goals. Lavelle assisted on the fourth and final goal for the USWNT. The midfielder ran the ball just outside the box in the center. She did a tricky feet pass to send it to Swanson, who was running in the right side of the box. This trickery allowed the ladies to go up 4-0. Her contribution illuminates why she is one of the better midfielders in the game.

Alas, when it comes to the Gotham FC players, Davidson was one of the stars of the match. Her goals for the USWNT and her defensive work help make her case for being on the Olympic team.