Three wishes for NYCFC in the next 10 years

NYCFC / Ira L. Black - Corbis/GettyImages

Yesterday, New York City FC celebrated the club's tenth birthday. As such, the team has officially been around for 10 years. Moreover, it was just eight years ago that the Pigeons were playing in the team's first season of Major League Soccer.

NYCFC has then gone on to have some bad times and good times, with the greatest being the MLS Cup win in 2021. There is still so much room for growth, and hopefully the next 10 years will see a lot of greatness and joy, but most importantly, success on and off the pitch.

So, here are three wishes for New York City FC for the next 10 years.

Here are three wishes for NYCFC

1. NYCFC winning another MLS Cup or two

The easiest wish is likely the most simple: for New York City FC to win another MLS Cup, or at least two. More would be lovely, but this is large league where relegation is not a thing. Hence, it can be difficult to achieve such an accomplishment.

Nonetheless, NYCFC is a New York team. In New York, success is judged by championships. As a result, not only do supporters want to win more trophies, but it is a necessity for the club as a whole. That is why this is not only a wish, but a must. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult for the club to grow. The Front Office would likely love to gain more fans, and what brings fans in New York? Success.

2. NYCFC to sign and develop the next big star

NYCFC has had some success with drafting, signing, and developing players. From Jack Harrison to Valentín Castellanos, there have been players that started or made a stop in New York City, and then found success in Europe.

Therefore, the second wish is for the club to sign and develop the next big star. Now, Castellanos could possibly become a well known striker in Europe, and end up being one of those star names. But at this point, it is unknown whether he will find that big success. The hope is that the Pigeons will continue to sign players of his caliber, develop them, and then send them to a top league in Europe.

If NYCFC can find that player, and then that player becomes a name that every football fan knows, then that will likely lead to more talented young players signing with the club. This could put the team on the map, and lead to an increase of the legitimacy of MLS around the world.

3. The NYCFC stadium to be completed by the 2027 season

The last wish is probably one supporters will understand, and truthfully anyone who is familiar with the way New York City works. The third wish is for the NYCFC stadium to be completed by the 2027 season, as planned.

However, this city is known for delays with building projects, and the obstacles along the way. It is hard to see and believe that the team will be home in time for the 2027 home opener. As such, this is wishful thinking, and maybe everything will go according to plan.

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There is always more that can be wished for. But these are the top three wishes for New York City FC, and hopefully all of them will come true.