The return of Maxi Moralez was even sweeter after his ACL injury

  • Maxi Moralez initially returned to NYCFC last summer
  • An ACL injury led him to miss some time
  • His return after the injury was sweeter and means a lot
Maxi Moralez of NYCFC
Maxi Moralez of NYCFC / Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

When Maxi Moralez left after the 2022 season, many supporters thought they saw the last of the New York City FC legend. They thought the next time they would see him would be when he retired and returned to catch a match in the stands. Everyone would miss him, but his desire to return to Argentina was well-known.

Sadly, the move back to his boyhood club, Racing Club de Avellaneda, did not go as planned. He was not getting too much playing time and struggled to adjust. Plus, per the midfielder, he always wanted to return back to New York City since this is his home.

The return of Maxi Moralez post ACL injury is sweet

Therefore, Moralez terminated his contract with Racing. His dream ending there did not occur, but he had another home to finish his playing days. So, the Argentine signed a contract with NYCFC through 2024. This was the best news during a tough 2023 season, and fans were overjoyed. Of course, he suffered the ACL injury after a few matches, which put a damper on the happiness of his return.

Still, the midfielder worked hard to recover and made his first appearance this season during the San Jose Earthquakes match. He has made three appearances in the following fixtures, acting as a bright light during the recent losing streak. His play acts as a great argument that he should start as many games as possible.

Finally, after a long wait, Moralez started his first match in 2024 against Nashville SC. The result did not go the way everyone wanted, but it was a positive moment for the NYCFC legend. More importantly, the start means so much to the supporters. Not only do they have their legend back, but he is moving in the right direction with his health. He can also still play at a high level. Some wondered whether he would be utilized as a depth piece, but it might be hard to sit him unless rest is needed.

Additionally, the return of the "Little Genius" from his ACL injury was sweeter compared to when he came back last summer. Moralez could have called it quits since he was 36 and would be 37 when he could play again. The NYCFC player still had more to give to the club, but he also wanted to prove to himself that he could still play.

There was no guarantee Moralez would be the player NYCFC fans watched and loved over the years. He proved to everyone, including himself, that he still has little more left on the pitch. Moreover, fans will not have to watch from far away. They can watch him finish his playing career in the city that is his home.