Some thoughts on Gotham FC's 2024 kits

  • Gotham FC released their 2024 kits for the new season
  • Here are some thoughts on the new jerseys
Gotham FC
Gotham FC / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, NJ/NY Gotham FC revealed their new primary and secondary kits for the 2024 season. The 2023 NWSL Champions and the rest of the NWSL all received new home and away jerseys thanks to the league's new partnership with NIKE. The Bats were already using the athletic company for theirs, so there was no change.

What did change this year is Gotham's main shirt sponsor. CarMax will take center stage on the front of the jerseys. More importantly, the biggest change is the star above the team crest. The star represents the NWSL Championship win.

Gotham FC released the new primary and secondary kits

This year's primary kit is quite different compared to last year. The design is a little more simple but still offers some complexity. The base is black and the front of the jersey is divided via the black in the middle that runs diagonal. The two parts on either side have a texture-like pattern that goes from black to blue and then blue to black.

The back of the jersey is all black. The names and numbers of players are in the club's usual blue color.

Gotham described their primary kit as the following:

"Gotham FC’s primary kit pays tribute to New York City and its skyline on the canvas of a chic black backdrop. The club’s signature Gotham blue emanates the light of the players both on and off the field, beginning as specks of blue highlights that visibly intensify into the full representation of color. The jersey design reflects the shared mentality of the team that there are no limits to what it can conquer in this bustling city, and it embodies a raw determination as well as an unmistakable swagger to rise up. The primary kit also features the club’s iconic black sash, which signifies the Hudson River that unites Gotham FC’s beloved home fans in New York and New Jersey."

Interestingly, the jersey is supposed to pay tribute to the city skyline since that was not obvious in any manner. The look is also unique. It is easy on the eyes and not harsh at all. It is not the best Gotham home kit, but one of the better ones.

The secondary kit is simple in its look. The top starts with an off-white color and then moves to a light Gotham blue toward the bottom. The difference is slight, so it appears the colors fade into one another. On the back, the writing is in black.

The away jersey is nice. There is nothing special to it, but it still represents the Bats. It also works well with the new design of the home jersey. However, if someone could only buy one, then the primary kit would be the way to go.

It will be great to see the ladies in these new kits with the star above the crest. Gotham FC has a lot to look forward to in the new season, and they get to sport the new jerseys too.