Sinead Farrelly's retirement is a reminder that nothing is guaranteed

  • Gotham FC announced that Sinead Farrelly has retired from soccer
  • The midfielder is a reminder that nothing is guaranteed
Sinead Farrelly of Gotham FC
Sinead Farrelly of Gotham FC / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, and Sinead Farrelly of NJ/NY Gotham FC reminded everyone of that.

Unfortunately, after her incredible comeback to soccer last year, the midfielder has announced her retirement from the game due to post-concussive syndrome. Per the club, she was "advised by a neurologist to cease playing soccer due to the cumulative head injuries that she has sustained throughout her career, leaving her vulnerable to additional head injuries if she were to continue to play."

While she is retiring, she is still with Gotham FC for the season, for she is on the season-ending injury list. This also allows her to get treatment through the team rather than on her own. Any concussion injury is no joke, and fans have seen numerous athletes impacted where they were forced to retire or struggled with their playing career. Additionally, any form of brain injury must be taken seriously. Farrelly's life is more important than playing a game.

Still, the player's sudden end to her career is sad to see. As mentioned, she had her amazing comeback last year after she spent many years away from soccer. Farrelly had initially retired in 2016 after she was horribly injured in a car crash in 2015. Moreover, she later revealed to be one of the accusers of former coach Paul Riley. He was accused of being emotionally abusive and he sexually coerced multiple players. This was also a factor in her retirement.

Sinead Farrelly and her retirement after her comeback

Hence, when she signed a contract with Gotham FC before the 2023 season, she took back her career. She made the story about football. Truthfully, everyone thought the 34-year-old, who was 33 at the time, would play a few more years.

However, between the car crash and Farrelly's numerous concussions, her brain could not handle the toll of being a professional soccer player. Post-concussion syndrome is treatable, but sometimes the brain is too damaged and the risk of playing at a high level could cause further damage or result in permanent symptoms and effects. In rare cases, constant injury to the brain can result in death.

In other words, Farrelly is possibly saving her life by retiring from soccer. The retirement reminds everyone that nothing in life is guaranteed, whether it is one's health or ability to do what one loves. Again, it was thought Farrelly would get a few more years under her belt after her return. Alas, her health had other ideas.

That is why it is vital to live life to the fullest. If someone is given an opportunity to do something amazing or follow their dream, like Farrelly and her fellow NWSL players, then one should do so. They should take in every moment and enjoy it as much as possible, for it could end in a flash.

Her sudden retirement also acts as a reminder to pay attention to one's body and health. If Farrelly would have continued to play, then she would have put her life in danger. The fact she got herself checked out and took care of her health first is why she should hopefully have a full recovery and have a normal life.

Plus, there are many ways she could stay connected to the beautiful game without threatening her brain. She could join a front office of a club, work her way to become an executive, or even join a coaching staff. Her playing career might be over, but that does not mean her career in soccer has to be completed.

Again, while this is not the way fans or Farrelly would have liked her playing career to end, she did mention how she is at peace with her retirement. She is also stepping away as a champion due to Gotham FC's 2023 NWSL Championship. After thinking her career was initially over, the midfielder was given a chance to play the game she loved one final time. That in itself is a beautiful story.