NYCFC vs Portland Timbers live: Reactions and thoughts on the Home Opener

  • Follow along with Skyscraper Blues as we cover the match between NYCFC and the Portland Timbers

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The day is finally here! New York City FC is playing in their home opener for the 2024 Major League Soccer season. The Pigeons are facing the Portland Timbers after they drew level 1-1 against one another last year.

So far, the visitors have had a better start to the season, for they have four points out of two games. On the other hand, NYCFC enters today with zero. Two tough losses against Charlotte FC and St. Louis City SC due to the inability to score have caused fans to continue their lack of faith in Nick Cushing to lead the squad.

A loss today would cause major anger and louder calls for a coaching change. At Skyscraper Blues, there was the thought ten games should be enough to evaluate the Englishman. However, the club might have to act sooner if the scoring woes and loss of points continue.

Nonetheless, hope remains that the Bronx team will exit the match with all three points. It is the home opener after all. So, if you cannot watch or listen to the game, then follow along here with Skyscraper Blues. Just refresh the page to see what happens and some thoughts during the 90 minutes of play.

Tracking NYCFC and the Portland Timbers live

Before the game

  • There is still excitement for the home opener. Despite the expected poor weather, many should be making their way to Yankee Stadium to watch the team.
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  • For the most part, Cushing has put out an expected Starting XI. With that being said, it was not expected for Andres Jasson to start.
  • It would have been nice to see one of the other wingers in the Starting XI. However, Jasson guarantees foul calls.
  • Eryk Williamson, who was the Portland player to watch, is out with an injury.

The first half

1' The home opener has begun! The crowd looks a little low to start, but that can be blamed on the weather.
2' Mounsef Bakrar had an early chance but it was saved!
4' The Pigeons are animated, so that is a good sign.
7' A good chance in the box has led to a corner kick for NYCFC. Bakrar got on the end of the ball and sent it out wide.
8' Bakrar is laboring a little. He looks okay but it might be something to watch.
10' Goal for NYCFC!! Santiago Rodríguez with the first goal of the season. His ball on the ground hit the post and it went into the back of the net. 1-0 to the home team.

12' The Pigeons keep earning corner kicks and are attacking like crazy. This is a huge difference compared to the road fixtures.
13' More people are heading to their seats. It is not too bad for a gloomy and cold day.
16' Another chance for Bakrar goes wide but out for a corner after Portland's goalkeeper Maxime Crépeau got a hand to it.
18' Another save for Portland's keeper after a shot by Bakrar. He is hungry for a goal.

21' It looked like the Pigeons had another chance again when Hannes Wolf went after the ball with just Crépeau in front of him, but he was called offsides before a foul could be called.
23' At least the rain did not start right away. It will likely continue for the rest of the game though. The pitch does not look too bad either.
25' Jasson has been doing well running up the pitch.
26' And of course Jasson was fouled to get a free kick outside of the box. The kick was taken, but Rodríguez had his shot punched away.
27' Portland's goalkeeper almost gave up a goal when he gave the ball away.
29' Free kick for NYCFC is taken outside the box after a foul on Perea in the 28th. Birk Risa gave his try, but it went right over the bar.

32' The pitch looks like it is becoming slightly slippery.
33' There was a bad foul on Jasson. He is okay, but where is the card?
34' Okay, on a second look, it was not as bad.
35'/36' Wolf had a powerful strike but it went wide.
39' Portland has not been an attacking threat thus far. Possession is defense!

41' Needless to say the Timbers are having a possession spell.
42' The visitors had a slight chance after a free kick was taken. However, the NYCFC defense did not allow them to take a chance on goal. In other words, it has been a quiet half for Matt Freese.
45' + 1' Four minutes of stoppage time were announced.
45' + 3' There is no question Portland has taken over the last little while. They earned a corner, but nothing could come from it.

  • That is the first half. NYCFC leads 1-0.
  • The Pigeons ran out of energy at the end of the half. They need to regroup and come back out ready to score a second.


  • NYCFC controlled the match for most of the first 45 minutes. It was around the 40th minute when Portland finally got into the game.
  • Rodríguez has been the Man of the Match so far.
  • The Pigeons had nine shots with four on target in the first half. They only controlled 47.5% of the possession.

The second half

46' Time for the second half! It is pouring!
47' Bakrar made a good run and should have taken a shot rather than passing. Nonetheless, it was offside.
49' Shout out to all of the fans that are at Yankee Stadium today. It is a terrible day so the crowd is impressive.
50' Another shot from Bakrar. Again, the offside call is made.

53' It is early in the second half, but the match is more even at this time.
54' However, NYCFC looks a little gassed. At least, some of the players do. Cushing should make a change or two soon.
55' Are the Pigeons sitting back? Hopefully, that is not the case.
56' The backline continues to do their job by clearing the ball away from Freese and the goal.
57' The Timbers are starting to control the game again as they had two corner kicks in a row. Thankfully, NYCFC has not allowed a goal off of a set piece today.

61' A change is desperately needed. Also, Rodríguez and Thiago Martins were arguing...
64' It looks like the wind is picking up. Bakman had another shot too, but it was saved. He has to get the ball into the back of the net eventually, right?
65' Truthfully, the striker had a fantastic run to take his shot.
66' Bakrar had another chance and even scored with an open net. However, the flag was raised because he was offside... again...
68' Julián Fernández is on for Wolf and Justin Haak is on for Jasson. Finally, Cushing makes the first substitutions.

73' This half has not been as good as the first. Freese finally has some action though with an easy save from Nathan Fogaça's shot.
74' Bakman has a weak shot that might have gone into the goal with more pace and power.
76' NYCFC keeps losing the ball...
78' A shaky save from Freese sees him stay on the ground.
79' Jovan Mijatović is on for Bakrar and Tayvon Gray is on for Mitja Ilenič.
80' Freese is up. It looked like there was some contact with a Portland player during the save.

82' It has only been a few minutes and Gray is already doing well to get the ball forward.
84' Martins had a critical interception to force the ball away.
85' Goal for Portland. Antony Alves Santos just scored a golazo. This game is tied 1-1.
89' Notably, Mijatović has brought some energy, but his youth is clearly on display.

90' + 1' Six minutes of stoppage time. Can NYCFC find a winner?
90' + 4' The Pigeons are trying, but Portland is doing well to close them down.
90' + 7' Portland scores. NYCFC did not do well to close them down at the end. It was an incredible goal from Evander too.

  • That is the match. It ends 2-1. The losing streak continues.
  • Thank you for following along.