NYCFC should not have brought back Matías Pellegrini

Matías Pellegrini of NYCFC
Matías Pellegrini of NYCFC / Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

When New York City FC announced that the club claimed Matías Pellegrini off of waivers for the 2023 season, many were surprised by the move.  The Argentine originally joined the team by being claimed off of waivers in August of 2022, and it was known he would be an experiment signing.  He was not successful at Inter Miami CF, so even in 2022 it was a confusing move. 

Last season, Pellegrini did not play often, and when he was on the pitch, he did not play well.  That was why the decision to bring him back this season did not make sense.  And, so far, he has not proved anything of worth. 

New York City FC made the wrong move by bringing back Matías Pellegrini

The forward started the first few games for New York City FC this season, and had a decent performance here and there.  However, he rarely contributes to the attack, has no goals or assists, and sometimes it is easy to forget that Pellegrini is on the pitch.  But Gabriel Pereira and Talles Magno are clearly the better options to play on the wings, and as a result, his playing time decreased. 

There is no doubt the experiment has been a failure thus far, and the forward has not found his stride in Major League Soccer.  He is not the talent he was expected to be when he joined Miami, and NYCFC cannot seem to get him where he needs to be as well. 

Alas, that is something that can be forgiven.  But, supporters were given a shock when the MLS Players Association released the salaries for every team.  Pellegrini is making a base salary of $1,025,000, and then his guaranteed compensation for 2023 will be $1,120,833.  This is absolutely mind-boggling, for he is nowhere worth this amount. 

NYCFC should have brought down his salary when they claimed him off waivers again back in December.  His earnings likely hindered some possible big signings during the offseason, and might be problematic once the secondary window opens.  In fact, the amount alone shows that the club should not have brought him back.  This was the wrong move based on his time on the pitch, and then economically. 

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It is puzzling that Pellegrini is a Pigeon.  The majority of the moves made by club are often smart, but this is one such move that is undeniably terrible.  If New York City FC can find a way to move him elsewhere, and not lose money, then the front office, without any question, must do so.