NYCFC: Player ratings from 1-1 draw against Atlanta United FC

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NYCFC ratings for the midfielders

James Sands (8/10)

Sands had a fantastic game as the captain for New York City FC.  He was calm, cool, and collected in the defensive midfield, and intervened defensively numerous times to cause Atlanta to be frustrated.  His ability to regain the possession was an important aspect to keeping the game tied while he was on the pitch.  He was also great at calming down the possession, and settling his team into the next offensive effort.   

Unfortunately, he did have to go off earlier than expected due to an injury.  Sands likely would have continued his ability to intervene, and cause more havoc on Atlanta’s attack.   

Keaton Parks (8/10)

Keaton Parks had a few games where he did not perform to his expected level, so it was good to see he had better form against Atlanta.  His passing was more precise, and he had some good passes into final third.  Like Sands, he was calm and collected, and did not allow the Five Stripes to pressure him.  He was more aware when to give the ball to another teammate, and was able to maneuver around the opposition with ease.     

Santiago Rodríguez (6.5/10)

Santiago Rodríguez is a provider and a threat in the attack.  He had some good passes to his teammates, and some of his through balls were superb.  At some points he was quiet in the first half, and not the show-stealer he often is.  He did grow into the game, but compared to his last few fixtures, he was a tad quiet in the midfield.

However, the Designated Player did manage to take three shots, with one on target, which led the team.  Even when Rodríguez is not at his best, he is still good.

Richard Ledezma (5/10)

Richard Ledezma came on in the 64th minute, and had an okay performance.  As his time went on, he did get more into game.  But he was quiet until his shot in the final minutes of stoppage time. 

Alfredo Morales (6/10)

Alfredo Morales came on for the injured Sands in the 66th minute.  He can best be described as average against Atlanta, but he got the job done, and helped the Pigeons manage the game in the dying minutes.