NYCFC news roundup: Peter Molinari and the U.S. Open Cup

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Thiago Martins of NYCFC
Thiago Martins of NYCFC / Jeff Dean/GettyImages

Over the past week, there have been multiple news stories regarding New York City FC and Major League Soccer. There has been good news and bad news.

Here is the next NYCFC news roundup.

NYCFC news roundup: NYCFC II's new signing and the U.S. Open Cup

NYCFC II has a new midfielder

Last Monday, NYCFC II announced the team has signed midfielder Peter Molinari. His contract is impressive and shows how the club views him with such high regard at 13 years old.

Molinari will be with the MLS Next Pro side through 2026. Then, the contract changes, where he will move up to the first team as a Homegrown signing. The contract with NYCFC lasts through 2029, with an option for 2030.

This is an interesting move by the Pigeons. Normally, they would sign a player and have the intention of them spending a year or two with NYCFC II. Nevertheless, this is a smart way to lock down a player with plenty of potential. It also illuminates the continued commitment to the youth of the club.

NYCFC will not play in the U.S. Open Cup

MLS fans are not happy with Don Garber and the league. The commissioner originally planned to have none of the teams participate in the U.S. Open Cup. Truthfully, there have always been complaints about the tournament and how some teams did not take it seriously enough. Arguably, NYCFC was one of those sides, especially in the early days.

Yet, the tournament still meant a lot to fans, for it is the oldest tournament in the country. It is the United State's Copa del Rey and FA Cup. Therefore, supporters were not happy with the plans for MLS to act as a league with a superiority complex and think they are above the U.S. Open Cup. The argument was game congestion, but if the league changed its salary rules and player restrictions, then this would not be an issue.

Nonetheless, despite the fight by fans, NYCFC and most of the league will not be in the U.S. Open Cup this year. Instead, only eight MLS teams and 11 MLS Next Pro teams will participate. At least one team within the club, NYCFC II, will be in the tournament. This will be a great opportunity for the younger side, but it still stings the first team will not be in the Cup in 2024.