NYCFC needs everyone in order to beat the Red Bulls

-NYCFC will play against the New York Red Bulls in the Leagues Cup on Thursday

-The team will need everyone in order to defeat their rivals

NYCFC / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

When New York City FC entered the Leagues Cup, expectations were low. 2023 has been a strenuous year and good things are rare. Plus, it looked like the Pigeons would see an early exit after Atlas F.C. beat them in the opening match.

However, the goal-scoring boots awoke, and the 5-0 win over Toronto FC saw NYCFC enter the Round of 32. Now, the team knows they will play their rivals, the New York Red Bulls, on Thursday. It will be a Hudson River Derby, Leagues Cup edition.

Thankfully, with the inclusion of Mounsef Bakrar to the roster, it is possible to beat the Red Bulls. The New Jersey side is also struggling this season. In Major League Soccer, they are in eleventh place in the Eastern Conference. Plus, the two teams are level on points, with 26.

NYCFC needs everyone for Thursday's Leagues Cup match

However, if NYCFC wants to beat the red team at Red Bull Arena, then they will need everyone. Ideally, every single player will be healthy and available. That includes those who would likely start on the bench. Additionally, Nick Cushing needs to put out a strong Starting XI. It would not be surprising if he puts out the same lineup from the Toronto game. Although, if James Sands can start, then he will likely replace Alfredo Morales.

Moreover, Cushing should not rotate the attackers in any form. The lineup worked last week, so to tinker with the offense when wins are difficult would not be a smart move.

The ability to have every player though would allow the head coach to adjust as needed throughout the game. The Pigeons can struggle when they are the away side in New Jersey. As such, it is vital to have the best of the best available to play. At the same time, NYCFC must play well.

It is not just the NYCFC players who are needed, but the supporters too. Yes, most do not like going out to Red Bull Arena. It has been annoying that the team has had home games there over the last few years. But remember, this is an away match. Therefore, everyone who can attend should go to New Jersey.

The New York City FC players must see their fans in the stands. This will encourage them on the pitch and can help enhance their performances. So, it will take both the players and supporters to move on in the Leagues Cup. Oh, and goals too.