NYCFC missed the opportunity to troll MLS fans with future stadium pitch size

  • NYCFC always receives complaints about their small, but legal pitch
  • The new stadium brings new dimensions and a missed opportunity
NYCFC / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

New York City FC might be struggling on the pitch, regardless of their last two wins. Off the pitch, there is plenty to celebrate with the approval of the new stadium by the New York City Council. The excitement has been nonstop since the announcement in 2022, and now fans can relax, for there are no more political hurdles with their future home.

More importantly, other Major League Soccer fans can stop teasing NYCFC supporters about their lack of a home. Sure, the stadium will not open until 2027, but at least everyone knows it will be built and one day the Pigeons will play their first game there. Plus, the addition of Citi Field as a secondary home stadium has at least made the idea of being mere renters of Yankee Stadium a little easier.

When all is said and done, playing in the baseball stadiums is a part of the team's history. One day, it will be an interesting historical aspect of NYCFC. Younger fans can one day tell their children and grandchildren about the games that were played where the Yankees and Mets play. They can even talk about the bad times when the Bronx and Queens side was forced to play at their rival's stadium in New Jersey.

Moreover, there is the aspect that so many MLS fans complain about: the small pitch. It is small, but it is 110 yards by 70 yards, which is the minimum dimensions allowed by the league. While the size has been confirmed at Yankee Stadium over the years, there is no confirmation known for Citi Field. One can assume it would be the same dimensions since it is considered a home venue for the team.

The future NYCFC home will have a new pitch size

Nonetheless, people have complained about the pitch every single year. It is too small and a disadvantage for their team. However, visiting teams play on the smaller pitch like NYCFC; it is not like they are playing on separate fields. Then, the Pigeons play on the bigger pitches throughout the year.

The pitch meets the regulation standards, so there should be no complaints. Alas, it is not shocking since this is a New York area team owned by City Football Group; the hate and finding ways to complain was inevitable. But like the baseball stadiums, the small pitch is a part of the club's history. There have been many wins and some tears shed, and it is something unique within the league.

That is why it was somewhat disappointing to hear the future home will have a pitch that is similar to all CFG stadiums around the world. During the stadium celebrations before the D.C. United match, it was confirmed the pitch will be larger. It was confirmed the pitch will be 105 meters by 68 meters or about 115 yards by 74 yards. It will still be on the smaller side compared to most MLS pitches, but as one can see, it will be bigger compared to the baseball stadiums.

In some ways, NYCFC missed out on an opportunity to troll the fans who have constantly complained about the pitch size and playing in a baseball stadium. They could have legally kept the same pitch size in their future home. It could have been a way to say that they do not care what others think. Or, it could have been a way for the Pigeons to keep their so-called advantage. Usually, the home team has the advantage though, especially in this league.

Additionally, it would have kept the team's uniqueness by having a small pitch. It would have taken an aspect from the baseball stadiums and put it in the new stadium.

At least NYCFC will have a few more years with their "awful" pitch. Fans should continue to soak in the complaints because they will be gone once the new stadium opens. Then again... will they?