NYCFC: A look back at the 2023 predictions

-Before the 2023 season, the predictions for NYCFC were released

-How did the predictions hold up?

NYCFC / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA
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Before the 2023 season, Skyscraper Blues put out the predictions for New York City FC.  After the mass exodus of veteran players, the expectation was that the year would be a difficult challenge.  Almost half of the starters were gone, and the Pigeons did not make impactful signings before they played their first match.   

Some supporters felt the team could finish in the middle of the Eastern Conference.  Others immediately thought the worst and believed NYCFC could not compete.  And like every team, a few thought the players could do well.

Alas, everyone knows the Bronx team had a terrible year.  They finished in eleventh place and missed the playoffs.  Nick Cushing was constantly questioned and criticized.  Players like Talles Magno failed to meet expectations.  Although, some of his struggles can be blamed on the head coach and club. 

So, after a terrible year, how did the 2023 predictions hold up?  Let’s take a look at the results. 

Prediction 3: New York City FC will barely make the playoffs, or not at all

Again, New York City FC did not make an impact signing before the start of the 2023 season.  The team desperately needed to replace their departing starters.  Instead, the majority of incoming players were depth pieces.  The roster was questionable.

Furthermore, no one knew how Cushing would do with a full year as the head coach.  He did not prove himself when he took over for Ronny Deila.  Then, with many players leaving, the new signings and younger players still needed time to adjust to his tactical style. 

Therefore, the first prediction was that NYCFC would barely make the playoffs or not at all. In this case, the team did not make the playoffs.  Arguably, the issues with the young roster, the lack of depth, and Cushing as the head coach all contributed to their failure. 

Notably, the club did not make any major signings before the primary transfer window closed.  This led to a weak bench and a lack of options in the Starting XI.  Then, when moves were made over the summer, the season was almost over.  Players like Mounsef Bakrar and Birk Risa could not do enough in the ten Major League Soccer games they were available for. 

As expected, growing plains was one of the big themes of the year.  Some of the youth made some strides, like Andres Jasson.  Sadly, the lack of experience for some limited the influence they could have during a match. 

Truthfully, there was some hope that NYCFC could prove everyone wrong and compete in 2023.  Sadly, this prediction came true.  It would have been better if this one was completely wrong.