NYCFC should call up John Denis from NYCFC II

NYCFC / Ira L. Black - Corbis/GettyImages

New York City FC truly has a dilemma on their hands.  They are lacking a striker, and that is hurting their ability in the attack.  The team has struggled with scoring, and that has hurt them overall, even in games where the play is stronger compared to others. 

Nick Cushing first tried to use Talles Magno as the man up front and center.  However, that soon proved to be a failed experiment, and based on the seven matches thus far, he is best utilized on the wings. 

Then, Gabriel Segal has gotten the start the last two fixtures.  He improved from his first game to his second, and it is possible he can develop into a solid striker.  However, NYCFC needs someone now, and they cannot wait on someone else to develop. 

NYCFC should give NYCFC II player, John Denis, a chance

As such, the Bronx side needs to bring in a striker, but when all is said and done, they need a goal scorer.  Therefore, even if it is a temporary move, they should call up John Denis from NYCFC II. 

Now, Denis is not a striker; he is actually a right-winger who is versatile with where he can play.  Yet, he is a goal scorer.  He scored 14 goals last season with the MLS Next Pro Side, and had a goal at a rate of every 96.5 minutes.  Moreover, he has already scored in 2023, and even the Honduras National Team recently called him up for a training camp

Clearly, he has the talent and potential to at least be on the bench for NYCFC.  But, with the current state of affairs, why not give the 25 year old a chance with the first team?  Again, he can score, and that is what the Pigeons desperately need amongst their roster. 

And what is the worst thing that can happen?  Perhaps he plays so poorly in Major League Soccer.  Or perhaps he becomes the player NYCFC needs, and contributes to the team.  Nevertheless, the club will not know what he can do unless they give him that opportunity.  Plus, other players must be given the chance until a striker can be locked down. 

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Denis is a talented player for NYCFC II.  New York City FC would be crazy to not give him the opportunity to even try to play in MLS.  The team needs goals, and Denis can score.