NYCFC: 3 things we learned from the third draw in a row

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1. NYCFC continues to play well despite scoring one or none

Clearly supporters are not happy with New York City FC, for the team did not win again.  But, the Pigeons played well against Columbus.  They had some good attacking sequences and scoring attempts.  This match was much better offensively compared to the one in Utah, for the players had 13 shots with five on target.

The team also outplayed the Crew throughout most of the match.  They had the majority of possession with about 53%, and the passing accuracy was slightly higher.  They won more duels and tackles, and outshot Columbus’ nine shots. 

Plus, Segal put the team on the scoresheet.  He came in for Magno in the 73rd minute, and saved the team by scoring with a few minutes to go in stoppage time.  So yes, the team got the goal, but they are still not scoring enough.  If Magno would have put the ball on the correct side of the net on his sliding chance in the first half, then NYCFC would have won.

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In the end, New York City FC looked good when using the eye test.  Yes, they gave up the poor goal at the beginning of the second half, but managed to grab their own before the whistle blew.  They players continue to play well despite scoring none, or in this case, one, but more goals must arrive in order for the wins to return.