NYCFC: 3 things we learned from the third draw in a row

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2. Talles Magno needs to be better for NYCFC

In all honesty, Talles Magno was not bad for New York City FC against the Columbus Crew.  He had some moments, including some threatening ones as the center-forward.  As fans know, his best play is always on the wings

However, when all is said and done, he has to be better.  This was seen from the match, for he continues to make the same mistakes.  One item the Brazilian desperately needs to improve on is when he has the ball near or in the box.  Too often he tries to make turns, and is then pickpocketed, losing possession for NYCFC.  He has difficulty retaining the ball in the final third too, mostly when he is not looking for his fellow teammates in or near the box while he is on the wings.

But his passes need to be more precise too.  There were a few times where his passes in the attacking third did not reach his fellow Pigeons.  This also led to the Crew regaining possession, and shutting down the attacking sequences for the NYCFC.

Moreover, Magno is supposed to be the attacking star.  He had a few chances that were called offside, but then there were some opportunities that he should have been on target.  This includes the attempt toward the end of the first half where his sliding try put the ball just wide.

Arguably, the center-forward experiment during the beginning of the season could have hurt his development during the year.  Yes, Magno should be better for NYCFC regardless of that, but unfortunately he is not where he should be in the 2023 season.