NYCFC: 3 things we learned from the NYCFC battle against Atlas F.C.

-NYCFC played their first game of the Leagues Cup against Atlas F.C.

-The Pigeons, unfortunately, lost due to one goal

-Check out three things that we learned from the battle

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2. The inability to finish goal-scoring-chances is still a problem for NYCFC

The biggest issue for NYCFC during the game was undoubtedly the lack of finishing on scoring chances.  Admittedly, the offense itself struggled to create chances.  Yet, the Pigeons could not find the back of the net on scoring opportunities. 

In all, NYCFC had 10 shots with two on target.  Still, there were a few chances that should have turned into goals.  The most notable came during stoppage time of the first half.  Talles Magno had some room in front of him while in the box, and he took his shot.  For a split second, it looked like he would score and draw his team level.  Instead, the ball hit the post and went wide the other way, grazing the side netting. 

Moreover, one major issue for a lack of chances is due to the through balls.  NYCFC had too many through-ball passes that were blocked or improperly passed.  Throughout the match, there were some of these where if they were successful, then the Pigeons would have had more shooting opportunities, and perhaps a goal or two.  

Once again, NYCFC lost because they could not score.  The team also lost by one goal, but it was the lone goal early on in the first half that made the difference.