NYCFC: 3 things we learned from the tough loss against Minnesota United

-NYCFC played against Minnesota United FC on Sunday night

-The Pigeons lost to the Loons

-Check out three things that we learned from the game

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2. Maxi Moralez picked up where he left off

No one expected Maxi Moralez to return to NYCFC.  The Argentine always expressed his desire to finish his career in Argentina.  Sadly, things did not work out as he planned.  At the same time, it was a blessing for the Queens side because he returned to his New York home. 

The midfielder picked up where he left off in his first start back with NYCFC.  He resumed his role in the midfield, finding players for passes and acting as a threat himself.  He immediately began to dictate the midfield and lead his fellow midfielders.  As Moralez was on the pitch, clearly the middle third had a better flow with movement and passes.  There was more organization, and it just looked better.

He had many solid moments, but during stoppage time of the first half, Moralez had a run in the attacking third where he sent the ball right to Mounsef Bakrar.  The striker received the perfect pass.  He tried to send the ball back to the NYCFC legend, but misread the run of his teammate.  This led the ball to roll right to the Loons’ goalkeeper, Dayne St. Clair, and a missed opportunity to score.  As time goes on, the two should create a better understanding of one another as the chemistry on the pitch grows.   

Sure, NYCFC lost the game. But the return of Moralez was a bright light on the night.