NYCFC: 3 predictions for the 2024 season

-The 2024 season for NYCFC is almost here

-Here are three predictions for the upcoming year

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1. Nick Cushing will be gone before 2025

As mentioned, Nick Cushing will be the head coach for NYCFC in 2024.  Many are not thrilled by the decision.  The recent signings do not take away the negative sentiment either from the fact he is in charge of the team during games. 

Cushing’s record of 21-24-19 does not give people confidence in his abilities.  In 2023, his record led the team to an 11th-place finish, where the Pigeons ended the year with a 9-11-14 record.  In all competitions, they ended the season 10-14-14.  Moreover, when he took over Ronny Deila in 2022, the Bronx team was in first place.  At the end of the campaign, they finished in third following a stretch of 7 losses out of nine fixtures during the summer.

Also, his tactical decisions are questionable.  The roster was lacking depth in 2023, but Cushing could not find a way to adjust during matches.  He often made silly substitution choices as well.  This has been said numerous times over the last year, but the players available should have led the team to a few more wins.

Therefore, it is difficult to see Cushing having success, even with a stronger roster.  It is predicted that NYCFC will do better this time around, but not good enough for New York standards.  That is why the final prediction is that he will not be here in 2025. 

Whether he is sacked during the season would depend on the record.  However, the Pigeons proved they were willing to hold onto him despite his poor year and a half.  Likely, they would have to be in last place during the summer for any action to be taken. 

It is more probable if the roster is one of the best in MLS on paper, and he leads the team to a mid-table finish, then NYCFC will finally take action.  Truthfully, there is a chance the team is sticking with him because they do not feel there is a worthwhile candidate to replace him at this time.  There might be some out there that they are waiting for. 

One cannot forget the supporters, too.  How long can a club keep someone who is disliked by the people who pay their hard-earned money to go to games and watch fixtures on a streaming service? 

With the expectation of the Pigeons not performing to the required level desired by the fans, Cushing’s coaching will not be good enough to keep him.  NYCFC would be crazy if they decided to stick with him after a mid-table finish.