NYCFC: 3 games to watch when MLS returns

-NYCFC will resume MLS play on August 20

-Ten games are remaining, but some will be more intriguing than others

-Here are three games fans should tune into

NYCFC / Pacific Press/GettyImages

New York City FC and the rest of Major League Soccer have been on a long break from the regular season. The league paused for the Leagues Cup. Now, the tournament is almost over, so the regular season will resume play.

As such, the Pigeons will resume their season on August 20 against Minnesota United FC. They have ten games remaining to climb up the table and bid for a playoff spot. It is a difficult task to accomplish, but the team will try. Although, a miracle is likely needed, for not even the new signings can save the season.

Still, a miracle might happen. With that being said, there are some games that fans might want to watch over others, including neutrals.

So, here are three games NYCFC and MLS fans should watch out of the remaining ten fixtures.

Three games NYCFC fans and neutrals should watch

1. NYCFC vs the New York Red Bulls

NYCFC has had two 1-0 losses against the New York Red Bulls this year, including the recent loss in the Leagues Cup. There is one match left, and this one will be a home game for the Pigeons at Yankee Stadium. It will take place on Saturday, September 16.

Every Hudson River Derby tends to be a battle full of drama and entertainment. For this reason, fans will not want to miss this fixture. The Bronx side will be seeking revenge. Supporters will probably make life difficult for the Red Bulls and create a loud and hostile environment. In addition, the new players will hopefully be more comfortable with their new club. This will allow for an improvement in play and hopefully lead to many goals.

2. NYCFC vs Toronto FC

NYCFC crushed Toronto FC during the Leagues Cup match. The Reds from Canada are one of the worse teams in MLS and made NYCFC look like a top-tier side. This game will occur on Wednesday, September 23, at Red Bull Arena. With the expectation the Pigeons can easily win, many should tune into this fixture for the possibility of multiple goals.

For the NYCFC supporter, wins have been rare this season. Hence, who would not want to watch a game that can end in a win? Moreover, it is another chance to watch the former captain, Sean Johnson, and remind him he should not have left.

3. NYCFC at Inter Miami CF

Finally, this is an expected game that everyone will watch. Before the secondary transfer window, Inter Miami CF was the joke of the league and in last place in the Eastern Conference.

However, the Florida side had the best transfer window in league history, for not only did the club sign Leo Messi, but Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets. Therefore, it is difficult to see NYCFC beating Miami. Yet, these names alone make this a must-watch battle, and perhaps the Pigeons will shock everyone and grab all three points.

Plus, anything can happen in the footballing world. One does not know what will happen on Wednesday, September 30, in Fort Lauderdale. New York City FC supporters and neutrals will want to watch this matchup.