New York City FC: Player Ratings in 3-2 win over D.C. United

New York City FC
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The New York City FC forward ratings

Matías Pellegrini (6/10)

Matías Pellegrini had a decent performance for NYCFC, and provided some opportunities for the team.  He was not bad, but compared to others, his performance might be forgettable.

Talles Magno (7/10)

Magno scored his first goal of the season thanks to the brilliant assist from Cufré after that remarkable pass from Parks.  He also scored from the center-forward position, so that is a somewhat promising moment.  Nonetheless, his best work came when he was on the wings.  He moved the ball with more ease, and gave it up less.  Thankfully, it seemed there was switching amongst the attacking positions, so this allowed Magno to have his strongest game of the season.

Gabriel Pereira (5.5/10)

Pereira was somewhat quiet for NYCFC.  He did provide service into the box, but his accuracy was off, limiting the ability for those in the box to respond.  He was able to move the ball easily up the pitch, which added to the offensive effort.  Otherwise, there was not much there, for he had an average performance. 

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Thiago (7/10)

Thiago only came on in the 80th minute, but since he scored a goal and was a threat during his time on the pitch, he deserves a rating for New York City FC.