New York City FC: Player Ratings in 3-2 win over D.C. United

New York City FC
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New York City FC ratings for the midfielders

James Sands (6.5/10)

Sands was a little quiet compared to his two other starts.  That being said, he still performed well, and constantly was a threat when D.C. had the ball.  He continued his impressive work rate when trying to regain possession for New York City FC, and also had a vital clearance prior to Gray’s final one.  That was another moment that would have led to a clear goal-scoring opportunity.

Keaton Parks (8/10)

Keaton Parks continued his impressive start to the season.  His presence in the midfield truly makes a difference.  Not only did his passes create opportunities, like the one to Cufré that led to the Magno goal, but he too got into the attack.  Although not a total threat in the match, he was still a menace to D.C., for the team never knew what he would do. 

Santiago Rodríguez (8.5/10)

Rodríguez was predominantly strong on the night.  Not only did he score his first goal of the season, but his passing accuracy improved significantly compared to the previous match against Inter Miami CF.  He was consistently serving the ball into the box, but also an attacking threat.  His ability to move around players and move the ball up the pitch is something not every player can do, and he did just that against the opposing side.  Rodríguez is quickly readjusting to life with the Pigeons, and he and Parks might just be the early team MVP contenders.

Alfredo Morales (5/10)

Alfredo Morales came on in the 68th minute.  Thanks to stoppage time, he had over 30 minutes of play, so he had time to make a difference.  However, his time on the pitch was lackluster, but he helped out defensively, especially in the final minutes.