New York City FC: Player Ratings in 3-2 win over D.C. United

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This past weekend, New York City FC finally scored some goals after a 3-2 win over D.C. United.  The match was not pretty, but the team was able to hold on and grab all three points.  Goals from Santiago Rodríguez, Talles Magno, and Thiago led to the win.

Despite some shaky defensive moments, the team made critical clearances, including toward the end of the game.  Tayvon Gray and James Sands both made some critical ones right before the final whistle blew.  Likely, without their interference, D.C. could have left with a point.

It was actually puzzling with how the defense performed.  For the most part, they were solid, with the exception of the goals.  The first goal for D.C. involved some terrible marking of Christian Benteke, and the second came quickly after the winning goal for the Pigeons.  D.C. had a corner, and the Bronx side fell asleep.  That allowed Steven Birnbaum to score, and put pressure on the home team in the final minutes.

Nevertheless, NYCFC held on.  It was a mess, but a win is a win.  So, here are the player ratings for the game.

New York City FC goalkeeper and defender ratings

Luis Barraza (5.5/10)

In the first half, Luis Barraza did not have much to do, but was needed in the second half.  He let two goals in, but his saves, including the one in the 70th minute, were critical to New York City FC’s eventual win.

Braian Cufré (7/10)

Braian Cufré was solid on the defense, but it was his effort on the attack that really stood out.  He consistently delivered the ball into the box, and even got an assist on the Talles Magno goal.  The left-back also took his own shot, but the D.C. defense did their job to block an opportunity. 

Maxime Chanot (5.5/10)

Maxime Chanot did not have his best game.  He and Martins struggled with their marking, and that helped lead to the D.C. goals.  His performance was average, and it was a somewhat disappointing night for the captain.

Thiago Martins (6/10)

Like Chanot, Thiago Martins struggled with his marking at times, and did not have his best game.  However, he did make a critical interference around the 66th minute when D.C. was on the attack.  That moment alone upped his rating, but his performance was average.

Tayvon Gray (6.5/10)

Gray is slowly improving his attacking abilities with NYCFC, but defensively he was predominantly solid.  He marked D.C. well on the right side, and led the team with 10 clearances.  His final clearance helped the Pigeons keep the lead, and led to the end of the match.