Is a new home for New York City FC on the way?

Yankee Stadium exterior
Yankee Stadium exterior / Jed Jacobsohn/GettyImages

New York City FC has been using Yankee Stadium since their debut season in 2015. It's certainly a unique predicament for NYCFC, to be playing their soccer at a baseball-dedicated arena.

New York City is one of the most famous and well-visited cities in the world. Renowned for its sights, sports, stadia and unique culture and experiences. It's fairly incredible that a club such as New York City FC has been to some degree, homeless, since it was founded just shy of a decade ago.

Whilst it's not held the reigning MLS Champions back on the pitch in recent years, one could argue that it may be stifling the brand development around NYCFC.

On this side of the pond, in the UK, people can overlook New York City FC when talking about MLS. What isn't neglected when talking about American sports is the New York Knicks, or Yankees. They go hand in hand with their landmark arenas for any casual or want-to-be New York visitor.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is reportedly ready to approve a new soccer purpose-built stadium in Queens, according to the New York Post

Granted, many fans of NYCFC may not wish to have an influx of more casual supporters who hold little loyalty to the club. Nevertheless, many teams around the world have benefited financially due to the overall brand that's been developed, usually for winning clubs. Something that New York City FC is.

The Blues have bounced around New York and even into New Jersey to play 'home' games due to Yankee Stadium having needs for other uses.

Ground sharing in any league or sport has always come with difficulties that can often lead to a feeling of dissociation between a club and its support.

If you know anything about English football, Wimbledon FC saw this issue when it had to move approximately 30 minutes up the road to Selhurst Park to share with Crystal Palace FC during Wimbledon's initial financial issues in the 90s. Okay, different reasoning, but it certainly hindered the club as fans stopped watching games.

Back across the waters to New York. Whilst Yankee Stadium does represent New York and isn't irrelevant to the club, its capacity is capped and can feel oversized and very make-shift. Right down to the quality of the playing surface.

NYCFC has the ability to draw in a bigger fan base and continue its thrilling rise as a consistently challenging club when it finally moves into its own dedicated home.

So far, there's rumours and speculation of a 2025 completion date, in time for the 2026 World Cup, with the purpose built stadium being located near Citi Field in Queens. Another Arena that's already been used by New York City FC over the years.

One things for sure, The Third Rail and all loyal New York City fans and lovers would feel a lot better watching their team play soccer in a stadium that's far closer to the pitch. Provides better views for a soccer game and can further incorporate the atmosphere.