More NYCFC statistics after 17 games in 2023

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New York City FC is struggling in 2023.  The team sits in 13th place in the Eastern Conference, and currently has a record of 4-7-6.  Goals are sometimes lacking, and small mistakes have led to some losses, while others were controversial.

That is why this week, Skyscraper Blues looked at some of the starter statistics of the first half of the season.  This included looking at Talles Magno when he starts and does not start, and then looking at the team’s record when James Sands plays as a center-back. 

Therefore, why not continue, and look at the record based on other items?  As always, these pieces of information are not directly responsible for the current state of NYCFC.  Instead, this is about correlation.  Yet, that does not mean one cannot infer by using this information, and make their own opinions. 

This also gives an idea about what the Pigeons need to do in order to find success in the second half of the season.  The club should use the data that they have from the games, and work on trying to improve the areas that can change the trajectory of the season around.

Some more NYCFC statistics after 17 games

The most important factor to look at would be the goals, or rather lack of, for New York City FC.  Out of 17 fixtures, only four saw the team score two or more.  In all other matches, the Pigeons either failed to score or scored just one lone goal. 

As such, the record when NYCFC scored two or more is 3-1-0.  When the Queens team does not score or scores just once, the record is 1-6-6.  So, it is clear one of the major issues revolves around the need for goal scorers, especially a striker.  Thus far, the players give themselves a chance when they score two or more.  More goals will lead to wins, and more wins will lead to more points. 

On the other hand, let’s look at the goals given up.  When NYCFC gives up two or more goals, the team is 1-4-0.  In some ways, this makes sense, and is an acceptable and understandable piece of data.  Then, when the Pigeons give up one or none, the record is 3-3-6. 

As a result, it is obvious the inability to score has hurt them significantly.  Defensively, the backline has been decent, and not absolutely horrendous like some would want others to believe.  Yes, a loss is a loss, but one small mistake that leads to a loss does not mean that the defense is poor.  Arguably though, it is something that must be fixed during the second half of the season. 

Next, a classic would be to look at the home and away records.  In 2023, NYCFC has played eight games at home and nine on the road.  At home, the usual fortress has not been around, but the records stands at 4-2-2.  On the road, the record is 0-5-4.  Hence, the home record is respectable, but since the time on the road has been a horror story, the losses at home sting more compared to the past.  The record illuminates the struggles on the road, and highlights the fact the Pigeons need to find a way to win.

And how does NYCFC win?  The answer is simple: by scoring more goals.  Yes, the elimination of the small mistakes is necessary as well, but the statistics do not lie.  Sure, it is a small sample size, but the Bronx side is more likely to win when they score two or more goals.  Oh, and three of the four wins involved scoring two or more, and those three matches were all at home.

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New York City FC knows what needs to be done to put the team in a playoff spot.  Ideally, the statistics will look better by the end of the season, but changes must occur.  And if the goals arrive, then the wins will follow.