Mets and Yankees' failures lead to stadium gift for NYCFC

-Both the Mets and Yankees failed to make the postseason this year

-This allowed NYCFC to move their final home game of the regular season from New Jersey to the city

NYCFC at Citi Field
NYCFC at Citi Field / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York City FC might call Yankee Stadium, and now Citi Field, home. Yet, their schedule is always determined by the New York Yankees and New York Mets. This will be the case for the Pigeons until they move into their own home in 2027.

Therefore, NYCFC will continue to play some matches at Red Bull Arena. Thankfully, the addition of Citi Field as a home stadium has reduced the number of fixtures in New Jersey.

However, the team was originally supposed to play their final home game at their rival's stadium. The October 21st match could be the final game of the season. Likely, that will be the case. Still, the Pigeons are not eliminated from the playoffs and even sit in a playoff spot at the time this was written.

NYCFC will play the last home match in Queens

Thankfully, the last match of the season will no longer be in New Jersey. Both the Yankees and Mets are eliminated from postseason play. Therefore, they will play their final games on Sunday. It is not an ideal outcome for New York baseball fans, but their 2023 failures have led to a stadium gift for NYCFC.

On Tuesday, the club announced that the final home game was moved to Citi Field. The Decision Day matchup against Chicago Fire FC will now be played within the five boroughs. To be honest, playing the final game of the regular season in New Jersey was a slap in the face. Hence, it is good that it was moved. Moreover, this will allow fans to plan accordingly, for many more will attend since it is in Queens.

Some might wonder why NYCFC will not play at Yankee Stadium. It is their main home, but the future stadium will be in Queens, right next door to Citi Field. In addition, the team has played more matches in the Bronx in 2023. It does appear the club is more open to splitting the stadiums. So, why not play the final game in the World's Borough?

The playoffs are still a big if though. The team would have to finish in eighth place to have one final match at home. The eight and nine seeds of the Eastern Conference will play a wild card round, and the higher seed gets to host. If, by a miracle, NYCFC does win their remaining games and finishes in eighth place, then the club will have both stadiums to choose from.

Nonetheless, at least New York City FC will play one last game at one of their baseball stadiums. The failures of the Yankees and Mets gifted the Pigeons this beautiful opportunity.