A look at the Home Opener for New York City FC

New York City FC
New York City FC / Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

New York City FC still has another away game to play before the home opener at Yankee Stadium on March 11.  On March 4, the squad will make their way to Chicago to take on Chicago Fire FC.  However, fans are still focused on the upcoming first home fixture of the season. 

Every home match is exciting, but there is nothing like the first one of the Major League Soccer season.  For many, it is a social event with friends and family, and sometimes supporters see one another for the first time since the end of the previous season.  It is a way to be with those who have a similar love, the love of NYCFC.

So, let’s take a brief look at the home opener.

When is the New York City FC home opener?

The first home match of the 2023 MLS season will be on Saturday, March 11.

What time will the game take place?

The NYCFC match will occur at 7:30 PM. 

Where is the NYCFC home opener?

Unfortunately, the Pigeons tend to travel for their home games.  Thankfully, the first match will be at their main home stadium, Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx.   

What channel will the New York City FC match be on?

Like most fixtures, this particular NYCFC game can be seen via the MLS Season Pass on Apple TV. 

Who will NYCFC face in the home opener?

NYCFC will face Inter Miami CF in the home opener.  As fans can recall, the Pigeons last faced the Florida team in the MLS Cup playoffs at Citi Field, and won the game, 3-0.  Miami surely will be seeking revenge, and now have a familiar foe with Josef Martínez leading the attack.  Additionally, the NYCFC Starting XI will mostly be different compared to the previous fixture, so it will be a difficult fixture. 

Still, historically the Bronx side has performed well at Yankee Stadium, even during tough stretches.  As such, the team should have the home advantage.

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How many people will be at the New York City FC home opener?

At this moment it is hard to tell how many supporters will be at the NYCFC home opener.  However, when looking at the remaining tickets available, it seems like the attendance numbers will be on the higher end compared to the average. Of course, ticket sales never paint a full picture, so the actual number in the stadium will not be determined until March 11.