A Hudson River Derby win would be good for the soul

-NYCFC is not having a great season this year

-This weekend, the team will play the New York Red Bulls in the Hudson River Derby

-A win would be good for the Pigeons' souls

NYCFC supporters
NYCFC supporters / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

2023 has not been an ideal year for New York City FC. Many players left before and during the season. Scoring goals became an obstacle that was difficult to overcome. Oh, and the team sits in 12th place in the Eastern Conference table.

This is not the NYCFC fans know and love. Many would argue, based on the roster, that the team should be doing a little better. Alas, that is not the case. Instead, there is the expectation that the Pigeons will soon be eliminated from playoff contention.

Yet, there is still some hope that this season can offer a little joy in the final games. Perhaps that joy will arrive this weekend when NYCFC takes on the New York Red Bulls in the Hudson River Derby.

A win in the Hudson River Derby would be good for the NYCFC soul

So far, the red side has won the first two fixtures. The first Major League Soccer match and the Leagues Cup battle occurred at Red Bull Arena, and both ended with a 1-0 result. Therefore, the Pigeons are hungry for revenge. The desire to win is expected to be on full display when the opening whistle blows.

Of course, the desired result would be a win. NYCFC needs to bring some joy to the fanbase, and beating the Red Bulls would do that. It would be good for the soul of the club and its supporters.

Looking at this season, there is no question the souls of everyone need some football light and joy. Recently, the departure of Maxime Chanot and the ACL injury to Maxi Moralez has caused more darkness to appear. Plus, the wins are still few and far between. That is why NYCFC needs to beat their rivals. Ideally, they will end up with all three points.

In other words, a Hudson River Derby win would be like one of those Chicken Soup for the Soul® books. Chicken Soup for the Soul is a series of books with inspirational stories written by the person who experienced the story. These books are supposed to inspire and bring hope. They are supposed to make a person feel better.

As such, a Hudson River Derby win would feed the souls of the supporters, even if temporary. This is something that is needed in a year of disappointment.

A win would be good for the souls of everyone. New York City FC needs to do everything possible to win the third Hudson River Derby of the season. Otherwise, darkness will completely engulf any joy or hope that remains for the 2023 season.