Gotham FC signs NWSL Draft pick Maycee Bell

-Gotham FC announced they have signed Maycee Bell, their only draft pick

Maycee Bell of Gotham FC
Maycee Bell of Gotham FC / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When NWSL teams select players in the NWSL Draft, a player is never guaranteed to sign a contract. However, there was the belief that when NJ/NY Gotham FC selected Maycee Bell in the first round, they would likely sign their only pick.

Gotham FC has signed Maycee Bell

So, it was not shocking when the Bats announced they had signed Bell to a contract through 2026. The NWSL Champions believe the center-back has the potential to be successful in the league. While 2023 was not her best collegiate year, the way she played after coming back from injury proves she has so much to offer. She is still working to return to her best self on the pitch.

Gotham will likely utilize this season to give Bell minutes and experience as a professional. The ability to train with her teammates will also aid in her development. Bell will not be someone who will start, but her signing increases the defensive depth. As such, one should expect her to sometimes come off the bench in 2024. Plus, with multiple players expected to leave for the Summer Olympics, the defender can prove herself during the summer tournament.

And who knows? Maybe head coach Juan Carlos Amorós will discover that Bell can play in other positions. The club has numerous versatile players, so having one more would be a plus. Nonetheless, the North Carolina Tar Heel has the potential to be a difference-making player. The head coach is already impressed with the defender.

"Maycee has integrated into our team and style of play very well this preseason,” he expressed to “She is a strong player and has shown great professionalism in her short time with the club."

It will be exciting to see how Bell does in her first professional season. Her potential is limitless, and with the players around her, there is no question she will learn so much in 2024.