Gotham FC celebrated Ali Krieger during Sunday's regular season finale

-On Sunday, Gotham FC celebrated Ali Krieger during their regular season finale
Ali Krieger of Gotham FC
Ali Krieger of Gotham FC / Jonathan Jones-USA TODAY Sports

The regular season is over for NJ/NY Gotham FC and the rest of the NWSL. Sunday saw a crazy Decision Day where every game mattered. The Bats ended theirs in a 2-2 draw and barely made the playoffs by finishing in sixth place.

It was also a day to celebrate Ali Krieger. The veteran is retiring once the season fully ends after playing in the United States, Germany, and Sweden.

As such, Gotham FC celebrated their captain, NWSL superstar, and USWNT legend. Take a look below to see some ways Krieger was celebrated.

Gotham FC celebrated Ali Krieger

Gotham FC decorated Krieger's locker

Gotham FC wanted Krieger to feel special not only on the pitch but off it as well. They decorated her locker area with pictures. There was also a gift waiting for her.

The supporters' tifo was of Krieger

Like many teams throughout the world, the Gotham FC supporters had their final tifo of the season. Since Krieger was hanging up her boots, they presented a tifo of her. It was the team colors and included her nickname, Kriegs.

In addition, handwritten notes from the fans were put around the stadium. Everyone wanted to let Krieger know that she is loved and would be missed from the beautiful game.

Krieger was able to give a speech

At the end of the match, Krieger gave a speech to the Gotham crowd. She discussed her career and thanked multiple people who helped her along the way. Her greatest gratitude was toward the supporters. It was not just the Gotham supporters but every team she has played for.

It was a nice moment for Krieger and everyone at Red Bull Arena. It is a shame she never will have this opportunity on the national stage. Nonetheless, NJ/NY Gotham FC gave her the stage she deserved and the love for their captain.