Gotham FC: 3 predictions for the 2024 NWSL season

  • The 2024 season for Gotham FC is almost here
  • The Bats will try to go back-to-back with the NWSL Championship
  • Here are three predictions for the upcoming campaign
Gotham FC
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2. Gotham will make one big signing over the summer

Some might think Gotham FC is good to go with their roster.  The club has some new starters and depth pieces.  One could argue that they have one of the best teams in the league.

However, the roster building is never done and it is the year 2024.  While one is hopeful long-term injuries will not occur, it is a part of the game.  That is why the next prediction is that the Bats will make the jump to sign one final big-name player over the summer.  Moreover, this will likely be an international star. 

Unless a trade were to occur, it is unlikely for Gotham to bring in another NWSL household name.  As such, it would not be shocking for a talented player from Spain, England, or France to make their way over to the NJ/NY side.  The other leagues may be growing tremendously, but the NWSL is still a top league to play in.

The new signing will be from any of the positions the club feels they need help with.  Perhaps they already have someone in mind and will bring them over regardless of the depth or injury issues.

There is always room for improvement.  Summer signings can help bolster a team as they get ready for the playoffs in the fall.  Additionally, the signing will be made for the future.  It is a win-win scenario.

Plus, in the case of the Bats, the current roster can attract players to the team if they play as well as they should.  Bigger players are usually attracted to clubs that are top sides.  Right now, Gotham is extremely attractive.

This future summer signing can be a difference maker.  Who Gotham FC will go after is unknown, but it is predicted a move will be made.