Gabriel Segal needs to return from his loan with Hapoel Tel Aviv Football Club

-Gabriel Segal is out on loan with Hapoel Tel Aviv Football Club

-Due to the recent attacks in Israel, the NYCFC player should be brought home right away

Gabriel Segal of NYCFC
Gabriel Segal of NYCFC / Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

In September, New York City FC made the interesting move to send Gabriel Segal out on loan. The striker joined Hapoel Tel Aviv Football Club, and he was supposed to be with the team until June 2024.

Some were confused by the move since Segal was the only other striker on the roster. It was also possible he desired more playing time, and the club obliged. He did receive some playing time so far, but in the three games he played in, he came on as a substitute. In his last game, he scored his first goal for his new team.

Regardless of the loan reason, will NYCFC fans see his return? Truthfully, the club should be working on getting him home.

NYCFC must bring Gabriel Segal home

The NYCFC player is currently out on loan with a club in Israel. Sadly, this past weekend, the Palestinian organization Hamas launched an attack on the country. Many states, predominantly those in the West, designate Hamas as a terrorist group. As a result, Israel declared they are at war.

Attacks have occurred all over the country, and this includes Tel Aviv. While it is unknown how long this will last, many times a ceasefire can be created within the region. However, this attack was unprecedented.

Thus far, over 1,500 people have been killed in Gaza and Israel. Based on the Israeli government's actions and words, it appears this time they will remain at war for as long as it takes to dismantle Hamas.

This will indirectly create more strife between Israel and Palestine, and prolong the inability to make peace. One of the goals of terrorism is not just to create fear, but also to gain support. Hamas knew this attack would cause a reaction, and the reaction would lead to the deaths and injuries of Palestinians too. This can help them gain support and recruit civilians, thus increasing the distrust and dislike between Palestine and Israel.

Therefore, NYCFC should bring Segal home. It would be the right act to take since there will be uncertainty in Israel. It is better to not wait and see but instead act immediately. The club and his family should be in contact with his local representative in Congress and the United States Embassy in Israel.

New York City FC could always find another club for Segal. But truthfully, the entire focus right now should be on his safety.