David Lee needs to start showing he means business

-NYCFC Sporting Director David Lee needs to sign players for the 2024 season

-Lee needs to show he means business after a slow start to the offseason

David Lee of NYCFC
David Lee of NYCFC / Pacific Press/GettyImages

It is finally 2024, and New York City FC fans can finally put the poor 2023 season in the past. It is a new year and a new season. As such, the Pigeons can reverse their misfortunes and achieve success this time around.

Of course, some would argue that is a difficult task with Nick Cushing leading the squad. Many believe he is not the right choice after a season and a half in charge of the team.

Regardless of Cushing, NYCFC must sign players who can make an impact during the new season. The club never fully replaced the departing veteran players before and during the 2023 campaign. Therefore, the pressure on Sporting Director David Lee is massive. Roster-wise, he has to return the Pigeons to where they were before they crashed and burned.

There have been rumors going around about possible signings, including Agustín Álvarez. Nothing is concrete, and some rumors are not ones supporters would want to hear. The Pigeons desperately need starter-type players who can compete and act as solid depth, and so far, it has been quiet on the signing front.

David Lee must sign talented players

More importantly, NYCFC needs to sign a striker. They need someone to compete with Mounsef Bakrar. It would be better for the Bronx team to bring in an established striker who can score 15 or more goals in a season. It would be incredible for the team to sign a star striker. No matter what, a goal-scoring center-forward is needed.

Again, there have been no impactful signings as of now. Any moves were contract extensions and a Homegrown signing. Lee knows 2023 was not good enough, and he told fans that the club wants to "build a team capable of winning a Championship" in 2024.

However, the Sporting Director has to show he means business. Thus far, it has been all talk. Notably, some moves could not be made until January. Still, NYCFC has not been linked with anyone who can make a difference in the squad. The best rumor, Álvarez, is someone who is returning from an injury he received at the end of the season. He has barely played over the last year and a half, for he has under 400 first-team minutes.

This is not the type of player Lee should be bringing in. Moreover, there are quite a few free agents within Major League Soccer who are available. Other teams are making moves, so why not NYCFC?

The Pigeons cannot afford to have another 2023. This is New York after all; supporters have little patience. Lee must build a roster that can compete not only for a playoff spot, but a Championship.

The Sporting Director cannot just talk the talk. He has to walk the walk. He must show he means business in the offseason by signing impact-ready players. New York City FC cannot afford to repeat the previous year.