Braian Cufré WILL be available for NYCFC on Saturday

Braian Cufré of NYCFC
Braian Cufré of NYCFC / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As many know, New York City FC has had some bad luck as of late. That continued last Saturday when Braian Cufré received a red card towards the end of the match. The move by the referee was deemed wrong by many, and should have been a yellow at most. There was no malicious intent, and the left-back made contact with the ball.

Braian Cufré is available for the NYCFC game on Saturday

Moreover, the fact there was a VAR review, and the call was not overturned, highlights the continuing poor decisions by the Professional Referee Organization, or PRO. Sadly, NYCFC tends to be on the receiving end of the bad choices, which was seen over the last couple of fixtures.

As such, it made sense the Pigeons would appeal the red card, for it was a crazy decision. That was why it was welcoming news when it was announced that Cufré's red card suspension was suspended. The Argentine clearly committed a foul, but it was without doubt not a red card.

Therefore, he will be available for Saturday's fixture against Real Salt Lake. This is much needed news, for Gray is suspended while under investigation, Chanot will miss the game due to yellow card accumulation, and Martins is out injured. Although there are still concerns for the defense, at least the backline will have at least one player back.

However, it is not known whether Cufré will start. Nick Cushing has used Kevin O'Toole over him at times, which is a little confusing. The left-back is the best left-back on the roster, especially when it comes to the offensive effort. He is the player that should be starting each week, and hopefully he will start the upcoming match.

In the end, it was never a question whether Cufré should have received the red card. The answer was clear: it should have been a yellow, or just a common foul.

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Despite the bad luck, at least New York City FC finally received some good luck. Now, that good luck just needs to spread in the case of goals. Oh, and no more poor decisions by referees.